Hey everyone we're going to try something fun on here. I'm running a free knife raffle. The prize will be a future Tuna Valley Cutlery Co. knife (sorry can't let you know whats coming out so its still a mystery one which on it will be). The goal is to get 100 members signed up for the Daniels Family Knives group once we hit the number I will pull a winner. Now the way you get a chance is become a member of the group. If your already a member you have already secured a chance but how do you get more chances? Well I'm going to give you and the new person you signed up a extra chance. So that means you sign 7 new members up you will get 7 more chances. So go out there and tell people about the group and we will get this thing rolling. If everyone likes the contest then we will be doing several give aways on here so watch out. Please message me and your friend whenever you do get them joined so I can put your extra chances down. Thanks everyone Good Luck.

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Hey everyone I hope all is well. I'm getting ready for the Dale Warther Memorial Knife show in Dover, OH. Is any one going? Thank you everyone for making my good friend Tom Triplett feel at home. If you would like to meet him he will be setting up at the Ashland, KY show and he will have lots of knives. He is a little fresh but has grown a lot in the last few months and I think you'll find him very honest and trustworthy. One thing Tom will be handling is trades. We have a lot of GEC's in stock and we want to trade them so if there is a GEC you been wanting and you have a knife you want to trade contact Tom he'll take care of you. Thanks again everyone for joining we will be posting the winner of the contest next Tuesday and being everyone did so much to make this happen I do have a few constellation prizes so make sure to check back in on Tuesday Night around 8-9 p.m

got my fingers and toes crossed, LOL, who knows I might get lucky, it could happen

I need to get a list of Knife Shows for this summer. After my operations, I'd like to attend one or two. We just don't have much of a show down here in south Louisiana. I'd like to make plans to attend a big one. Maybe the one in Atlanta or something like that. If anyone has a list of the dates for this summer please let me know......Ryan, congrats on a great start, good buddy.

i will try to make it to the ashland ky show ryan as you know there was many affected buy the bad storms here in kentucky and lets all pray for all the ones who lost loved ones.i will be headed south to see if i can help out with clean up.hope others can help in any way they can....

All my thoughts are with you, from Paris, France.

WHO was the winner?

Ok everyone I was going to shoot a big video to annouce the winner but its not going to be tonight. So I will just let you know who won. First off I want to welcome all the new members I think you'll find this a fun and active group as we grow. I would be glad to answear any questions so please contact me anytime. Steve "Hog", Stephen Tungate , & Tom Petterson brought in the most members during the contest and I want to thank them personally for promoting the group it is appricated. If you look underneath there are two constellation prizes which include a GEC Book signed by Dad and I along with a GEC poster. So the winner of the those are  David Meggs & Cesar Salazar. So please contact me with your info and we will be sending your prize right away.





The grand prize winner is ...................................................James Ivy . I hope everyone liked the contest and we will be having more so keep a eye out.


congrats james


Hear! Hear! Great contest! Thanks, Ryan! An envious congratulations to James Ivy! I'm sure that beautiful Tuna Valley knife will serve you well in the future and will become a cherished memory, as well. David and Cesar, you guys lucked out, too! Congrats, also, to you guys!

Thanks again, Ryan!

Cheers to all!

Congrats  James, David and Cesar !!!!!  And thanks Ryan for the fun!!!

Congratulations to the winners and thanks for doing this Ryan.

Congrats to the Winners!


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