NEW ~ Tuna Valley Cutlery Co. Swell Center Moose with Genuine India Amber & Burnt Stag Handles.

This is the first time in the TVCC line we have used 154 CM its a great USA made specialty steel !

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Wow, what a nice Moose! I just found out about these. Ya'll have done an outstanding job, Congrats. Love dem Moose...lol

That amber stag is looking very nice

Excellent choice and a very nice size for a pocket knife. We might could even call these the prototypical pocket knife, and the beautiful handle material just adds to the appeal. Great Job!!

This is a beast of a knife- huge springs, beefy tangs, and beautiful slabs of stag. Had the pleasure of meeting Ryan on saturday and it didn't take much to make a sale.

Marvelous Mooses!!!!!!!

If we have both do we have 2 meeses? This is a stout knife and is up to almost any task!

hey just saw these myself and LOVEEEE! the moose pattern ....did you grab both ron!...great set!

Ron"TUNA"Dumeah said:

Amber and burnt stag MOOSE!!!

Well Donnie seems to be on the mend so next week we should see a review of how the Moose works out as an EDC on a construction site.  I am betting it works out nicely but we will wait for a week of hard work to tell us :)

Wow, Tuna Valley has done a great job on these fine Moose pattern knives. I have been spread all over the place with my knife purchases. I've gotten some vintage Robeson hammer forged kitchen knives, a Colonial fish cleaner, a hand made Semi-skinner by Fred Durio, a Victorinox Swiss Army Moose, a Karevando Swiss made camping knife and I can't forget our yearly club knife. When, I get to catch my breath, I plan on a nice Moose pattern knife. So, Ya'll don't buy all of them....LOL



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