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I took the day off work today and spent a little time out in the woods with my camera and tripod, and a pack full of knives.  I got some pretty nice pictures that I am happy with.

1906 - Pearl Ladies Knife

2010 - Burnt Stag 4-blade Stockman

2013 - Burnt Stag Moose

2013 - Burnt Stag Tadpole

2014 - Burnt Stag Scout

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Thanks Jeff!

A few new Tuna photos to add to this thread.

2012 Cotton Sampler - Amber Stag

2014 Fish Scaler - Burnt Stag

2018 Teardrop - Red Maple Burl

Another group of shots I took today while the weather was nice outside.

2013 Coke Bottle - Amber Stag

2017 Cattleman - Mammoth Ivory

2017 Humpback Whittler - Smooth Rams Horn

Oh, I thought I had all the humpback whittler handles.  The search is ON.

The ram is a 1 of 1 prototype. No production of it was ever made.

A new one for me. The 2013 moose pattern in amber stag.

Nice weather over this past weekend. I wanted to take photos of all my Tuna Valley knife opener picks.

1. Buckeye Burl
2. Burnt Stag
3. Abalone
4. Amber Stag
5. Apple Spice
6. Brown Maple Burl
7. Gold Maple Burl
8. Marvel Wood
9. Mother of Pearl
10. Red Maple Burl
11. Black Lip (Smoked) Pearl
12. Black Lip (Smoked) Pearl - Prototype made by GEC when Daniels were still owners

O.O.O.  I need one of those

heh, I apparently needed 11 of them. :)

Some new pictures of a couple Tuna knives not yet shown here.

2012 Sunfish Whittler in Brown Maple Burl

2013 Coke Bottle in Burnt Stag

Another new one for me. 2012 Cigar with Redbone and Dimpled Bolsters.


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