Lately, I've been thinking about my obsession with my knives.  Could be as I'm getting older, my thoughts have changed, I'm not sure.

I've always liked knives.  When I was younger, I'd buy a knife and simply drop it in my pocket and think nothing of it.  It was a tool to use.  If I came across another that I liked I'd repeat the process.

Something changed when I picked up my first CASE Seahorse Whittler.  It went into my pocket, as usual, but I felt that I needed a spare.   So, I got another, but with different scales.  Now I had my user and a spare and rationalized that I may need an extra, just in case...

This seems to be the start of my obsession, not just with Seahorses, but with knives in general.

It's getting to the point that I can't buy just one knife, I've got to buy 2.  Case in point; I picked up a SOG Twitch II, at the PCC show.  Now I'm looking on eBay for another?   I picked up a Swiss Army knife, now I've got several boxes.

Pocket Ulus, don't even ask...

I'm worrying now about the Stockmans that I've started picking up lately, as these seem to be calling to me now.

I'm certain that psychologists have a word for this.  I'm fairly certain that if you looked it up my picture would be there.

Am I alone with this condition?

Why can I no longer be content with "one"?

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I can promise you, you are not alone.  We have always followed the one and a spare for users and even for a few of the collectibles.  That could be how we have 5 stag whittlers in the same pattern, year, handle LOL

I rarely buy more than one of the exact same knife but I frequently buy the same pattern with many different variations.  Handle materials are the most obvious variation but sometimes there are different blade materials, coatings or small variation in the blade grinds.  And then there's always the one with really outstanding stag/bone/wood that's nicer than the one you already have or the one that's just too good a price to pass up.  When I find an interesting new pattern I try to buy at least 3 variations so together they form a "collection".

I've got several, that are exact, David. Someome we're purchaced with the intent on each of my girls having one when I'm gone. 

I'm now going to find out how closely Rough Rider copies CASE.  I do know that the Whittler pattern is almost identical.

I've got a RR603 coming in next week to compare to the orange 75 pattern stockman, that I picked up at the PCC show.


We will be interested to see what you think as you begin to compare them

I may be getting better...

There was a black G-10 Seahorse Whittler on eBay, this weekend.  Sure, I've got one, but I really liked the feel of it.  I really liked the "as ground" finish of the blades.   

Well, I let it go...it was hard, but I was able to reason with myself with the simple fact that I already had 6 Seahorse users and I could let it go.

IT WAS HARD...real hard.

Jan Carter said:


We will be interested to see what you think as you begin to compare them

Kind of anxious to see how they compare, Jan.  Not too many big Stockmans to choose from.  I thought of the Schrade 858, but it has round bolsters.  I've always liked squared bolsters on a stockman pattern.

Ok, one of my CASE Stockmans suffered a broken back spring the other day.  THIS was THE reason that I bought my second Seahorse Whittler, years ago.  I wanted to make sure that I have a spare.  Now my biggest decision is which one will replace the broken one until it gets repaired.

You're not alone, JJ.


Of late .. I've found myself buying 2 of models I really like. One for safe keeping & the other to use.


When I find a good modern auto .. I may buy 3~4 ..as.. I know I'll be giving at least 2 of them away.
I'd love to have purchased 2 of my S&M humpback lockback whittler ..but.. $$$ prohibited me from doing that & now they are no more.


This may very well be classified as compulsive actions ..but.. I can assure you you are not alone !!!

You're not alone JJ! 

I have been doing that for many years. Especially for my using knives. And if it's one I REALLY like, I don't stop at ONE extra! I have five (!) of my Case 33 Small stockman - three Stag, a brown delrin, and a Yellow. I have three of my Case 44 Stockman, and three of my Case 032 Stockman. All of those are in the top of my "knife box" on my dresser (an old jewel box). Second drawer has Three Stag two bone and a delrin 33 Pen Knife. With several of each of other Case patterns that I don't carry anymore!

I DO know I have a mild tendency to be obsessive compulsive about things.....or maybe it's not so mild. LOL! 

I'm guessing that a 12 step program may not help...

Yeah .. my GP intimated possible "electro therapy" as an option.


I've now a different GP.

J.J. Smith III said:

I'm guessing that a 12 step program may not help...


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