You know on those rare occasions when you're in the right place at the right time and you get a great deal on a knife. Or happen to walk into a gun shop and/or knife store and you get a knife that was just released. Or then again you get the last one in stock of a popular blade. Or your buddy (poor guy) has to sell a knife immediately. Or you actually look down and found a good knife...ah Happy times...lol!

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At a gun show I got a WWl hard hat divers knife with brass sheath for $10. Still like the look of that knife.
I bought a lot of old beat up knives on ebay for 10 bucks. There was a old SOG Tomcat in the lot with the thumbstud missing and the handles falling off. I called SOG to buy new parts and they said send it to us its under warranty. Two weeks later a woman called me and said the man pivot pin was bent and the knife could not be repaired but would it be OK if they send me a Brand new SOG Tomcat 3 to replace it. Not only did they send me a new Tomcat 3, it was a 15th anniversary model. (only 1200 made). Thats a deal! The Tomcat is stored away but I carry a SOG Twitch II and have been a SOG fan ever since.
Antique store finds ...

Cattaraugus 3-W, marked 15, pd 12
Case's Tested XX knife/axe combo, marked 32, pd 32

It's all in the chase !!!
I bought my tarani 5.11 master karambit for $11.50 on eBay, my Emerson super commander for $150, benchmade dejavoo for 60, AlMar SERE for 150, ZT0301 for $160, the list goes on and on, I love eBay! All knives BNIB
Over the years I have had good luck at finding lost knives. :P Here they are in order, starting about 5-6 years ago.

S&W Cuttin' Horse Black Dual-Blade Folder - lying under a bush at a picnic area
Cheap Myerco - Under a tree at Big Bend natl. Park
Folding Utility Knife - At a soccer field near a construction site
Gerber Evo - Kicked some sand at an OR beach and there it was, good as new!(EDCed it until it broke)
Leatherman Core - On the side of the road outside school
Random Kitchen Knife - Stabbed into the ground in back lane(lol)

And probably a few more that I can't remember.

Also, I got a Buck Ranger for $2 from someone because he had snapped the tip off. It just needed to be re-pointed and it was barely noticeable.

A couple of years ago picked a used Benchmade 710HS and sent it up for servicing. Discovered while it was up there they had one remaining new 710HS (M2) blade in their parts box and I got it for $40. That was a good score! 

Right place right time glory find there!! I dont think anyone here wouldnt trade a manix for that!!!

WOW!!!  I read a lot of great deals, finds, trades, etc... in this discussion topic  which I started almost (2) years ago.  A little while after Scott started this knife community.  And there's been some OUSTANDING stories! 

It's like I told a friend last year, "that when two people strike a bargain one of the two always makes out better than the other."  His reply was, "How come it always seems to be you!"  LOL!-I had recently made several gun purchases from him where I came out on top!  For ex:  I acquired a Browning Hi-Power (9mm) in excellent condition, he had just gotten it from elderly lady who's husband had passed away,  he really didn't know the value of the firearm.  Anyway, I got it for a steal...$130.00 and (2) Benchmade Griptilians!

I knew what it was and so did (2) garage mechanics for the same company.  They offered me $1000 and $1200 respectively but, I turned them down.  Went off on a tangent again. 

 I wanted to recommend a website for your next knife purchase.  I've recently found some GREAT deals on KNIFEWORKS (http://www.knifeworks.com/) and AUTO-KNIFEWORKS (http://www.autoknifeworks.com/).  They got a wide selction and outstanding prices.

Got my case peanut for $10. That was a good find

I got to talking knives with an older gentleman at the gun show. He had some old long guns and WWII binoculars on his table. Said he didn't really collect knives, but had a few. He pulled out 4 cigar boxes full of old folders, and said I could look through them if I'd sit and watch his table while he looked around the show. He came back about an hour and a half latter. I had 8 knives picked out. He glanced down and said...eight knives, how about $80.00   They were all cleaned and oiled too.

The easy opener is an Imperial green bone military issue

4" stockman is a Camillus 69 green bone Deluxe Stockman

Case 6229 1/2 green bone peanut

Camillus 21 bone peanut with half stops

3 7/8 Kutmaster composite

orange celluloid Kutmaster

2 blade MOP Western 261

Imperial tuxedo

I sold the Kutmaster composite and the Western MOP 261 before I left the show for $15 apiece. I ran into the same gentleman a few months later at another show but the boxes had really been picked over by then. I sure wish I'd had a little  more money that first time.


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