This is a hard one for me. Since I'm a toenail collector I REALLY like the toenails they are fantastic. I carry a stag 73 pattern single blade, its my daily companion. I really like the looks and the feel of the 25 pattern easy open. Since I started the discussion, My favorite is my daily companion, a Northfield 73 pattern, stag, single blade its rough, tough and gets the job done.

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Hey Mr. Ken , I bought two Maher & Grosh #35 bone knives this year from some crazy GEC/M&G dealer on the web.  I love those knives but I am a blue knife fool.   For two days I dyed and dried my M&G smooth appaloosa bone with navy blue leather dye!  The knife came out blue tie-dyed ,wonderful !    I am up to 110 GEC knives and I love them all.  I will try to get some pictures up soon.  All my neighbors have the virus.   Mr. Ken you are a fine person and you have been so wonderful to me.  Any knife I buy from you , is like receiving a knife from a friend.   I give knives away  to bless the deserving , but I will never sell or trade a knife.  I really get attached to all 200+ knives in my collection.  I have been wanting the right Maher & Grosh knives in my collection.   I could slap myself not buying the other two 2020 M&G#35 wood knives and the #54 honey bone knifes.  I was saving for the #74 run.   I am truly thankful to you sir.  

I really like the kryptonite scaled series- I have all but one which was stolen a few years ago now. If anybody has a 682211-T for sale give me a ring :) Andy

My fav is a Tidioute #538308 Cuban with Cracked Ice Acrylic handles. I work at a major airline maintenance base where I get hot and sweaty quite often. The non-stainless steel blades in this knife have been exposed to all kinds of chemicals and other liquids, thus it has some speckling. It's been used to cut many materials it wasn't designed to be used on. (including lunch!) The handles still look new and the blades can be sharpened to a wicked edge. When co-workers want to see or use it, they are amazed at the "feel" of the knife. I always tell them it was quality made like the Case knives of the 90's, which are another favorite of mine. I bought it new in '08 and still use it daily.


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