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Great Eastern Cutlery hosted by Ken Mundhenk


Great Eastern Cutlery hosted by Ken Mundhenk

Collectors of Great Eastern, Northfield and Tidioute Knives

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Comment by Kenneth W. Hill on July 3, 2020 at 22:32

Hey Fred Kemp ,That Northfield #23 Pioneer Trapper Antique Autumn Natural bone knife is "SICK" !  I hope I get a thick dark one.   That phat spear blade makes a great chore knife.  Take that yellow polishing cloth "FRANKS" and wrap it around one blade.  Watch TV, work that blade back and forth a 1000 times.  Repeat if you have to at another time.   The more you use the big #23 knife , the more you will enjoy it.  

Comment by Kenneth W. Hill on July 3, 2020 at 22:11

I hate KnivesShipFree .  I begged them to help me obtain the Northwoods #86, #92 and #93 knives. I just wanted one of each.  KnivesShipsFree holds back some of their SFO knives and they will release those at higher prices with newer models.      They could of been cool and help me obtain one. How can a buyer obtain four Northwoods knives in 30 seconds and I get blocked out every time. Answer : " Pirate Buying Software"   I have one arm "left hand" and an old head injury , I am too slow.  KnivesShipFree is a bunch of heartless , selfish , skunks.  KnivesShipsFree sold over a 1000 Northwoods GEC made last year.  And they could not sell one me one #86 frame Northwoods , #92 frame Northwood and one #93 Northwoods. They take advantage of the GEC SFO production.   Dealers should only sell a 100 SFO knives a year , because SFO knife production is killing the smaller GEC dealers. The big GEC dealers could care less about you , because the demand will replace you. The Smaller GEC dealers are so nice and iKC supporter dealers are wonderful.  I will never buy a Northwoods knife. I won't except a free one neither.  Northwoods will be making their own knives in the future .  I will be supporting GEC and the GEC dealers that I like. All the GEC dealers took a  big hit this year ,because of the woohan virus.  GEC is fighting for their lives and we need to support them fully.

Comment by Kenneth W. Hill on July 3, 2020 at 21:01

I have two #23s in my possession .  I have three more #23s in the mail to me now.  I have an Allegheny Mountain Club Knife, that should be shipped next week. I have all four #23LLs on pre-order.  Maybe I will receive the two SFO #23LL liner -locks.  I believe those will be the last SFO knives produced for dealers.  

Comment by Kenneth W. Hill on July 3, 2020 at 20:36

Mr Frank is sending me the darkest , thickest ,most Winterbottom looking #23 in the bunch .  My knife is half way to me now.  I also bought a #23 two blade natural bone and it will be sent to Darren Orrell.  Darren will remove the main blade and easy up that bear trap snap.  I have one arm.  I hold my #23s with my feet and open them up left handed with a CASE XX blade pick.  Go buy yourself a CASE XX blade pick for the #23 knives.  They are nail breakers.  Most dealers hate to cherry pick knives for me.  It is not about looks , thicker scales work better for one arm me. 

Comment by Kenneth W. Hill on July 3, 2020 at 20:18

The CKs SFO #23LL Mesquite wood pre-orders sold out in 10 minutes.  You can buy one from an Evil-bay flipper for $200 to $300 if you like being a sucker.  Why do that when you can  buy 2 to almost 3 knives for the same money.  The GEC#23LL single blade liner locks in Beaver gnawed jigged cherry-wood , Antique Autumn natural bone , and the #23LL red-tail (sierra red-brown)jigged bone Bullet Trapper are so superb. Don't get hooked on what you can't have.  I  am on GEC FaceBook about ten  times a day listing available knives and what dealers have them in stock..  I can help you find new released GEC knives.  GEC releases a first batch and it is crazy to obtain a knife. 2nd batch and sometimes a third batch is released.  Things do slow down a bit.  Single blades always sell out faster than multiple blades.   "GEC knife collecting is war !"  I do try to buy from dealers that support iKC.  

Comment by Brian LeClair on July 3, 2020 at 19:53

Hello 2 AllI considered myself lucky to start collecting knives a few years after Great Eastern got rolling. The history of pocket knives and all the great American manufactures of days past, holding one of your knives ya knew you where holding a quality knife. I had difficult time choosing a paticular pattern. But the whittler is a knife I like, the handle material ebony wood & Ivory cherished. I've stopped collecting it's been years since I've bought a knife but here are a couple that I think are fine examples of Great Eastern's work. Thanks to the men and women responsible for producing two knives that to me are a art form to create.

Comment by Richard Schuchman on July 3, 2020 at 18:19
Congrats! Well I signed up at Frank's and Knives Ship Free, so hopefully will get some notification. Both have double bladed varieties available and that beaver tail is looking really good to me.
Does anyone have a photo of mesquite scales? If never heard of the wood for anything but grilling and hea tdd it can be quite striking.
Comment by Fred Kemp on July 3, 2020 at 17:50

UPDATE! At approx. 5:30pm CST, Frank's sent me a purchase invoice for the GEC 235220 Exotic India Jigged Bone Trapper SFO, which I immediately paid for. (ALLLL RIGGHHHTTT!!!!!!!) Since my post 1 hour ago, I had given up on this knife.

Comment by Fred Kemp on July 3, 2020 at 17:46

Yes, Richard, they are double bladed. You bring up some great points. It does seem to be difficult right now to get these great knives. I think limits of production is most of the cause for availability. (However, in pre-Covid times I have had trouble securing a particular GEC pattern just because they were so popular.) It is hard to preorder a knife under the conditions you mentioned, but most of us are familiar enough with the pattern and the past quality to not hesitate. I too am eager for the single, liner lock 23's to arrive, hopefully the scales on some will be of different materials.

Comment by Richard Schuchman on July 3, 2020 at 16:54
Those look great! Are they the double bladed ones? I'd love to get one of the single bladed ones but just discovering now how you have to consult the GEC ouija board to find out what's being released before it's a gleam in a knife makers eye and then preorder sight unseen and price unknown.

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