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I want to get this particular deer in the upcoming deer season.  He is the only deer I ever failed to down with one shot from my .30-06 rifle.  Well actually I did put him down but he jumped up and ran off.  When I went to where he was when I shot him I could find no blood.  This mystified me because normally when hit by one of the Remington 150 grain CoreLokt's out of my '06, they bleed profusely and leave an easily followed blood trail if they are able to run.  I looked diligently for him but without a blood trail I was just guessing as to where he might be.  I couldn't find him so figured he just died somewhere and would be wasted.  But then I got this picture on my game camera.

This made it clear what happened.  When I shot him he was crossing in front of me about 150 yards out.  This is not a difficult shot for me as I have previously killed deer at 150 and at 175 yards.  Note the crease in his skull and his right ear.  He must have turned his head toward me just as I fired.  The bullet apparently went between his antlers creasing his skull and nearly cutting off his right ear.  Creasing his skull was most likely what knocked him down.  I think I probably gave him a concussion.  I now call him Old Lop Ear.

This is what he looks like in the latest picture.  He would have lost the antlers in the first picture and is growing new ones now.

I intend to make a concerted effort to get him next season.  I would like to make him my first deer.  However if I see this fellow before him it will take a lot of will power to let this one walk.

There is another deer that I have named.  I call her One Eye.  I think she is probably blind in her left eye.  I have been getting pictures of her for two years now.

Here is a doe that I think is slightly pregnant.

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Thanks for posting the photos.However I believe being slightly pregnant is somewhat akin to being slightly dead, either it is or it isn't. (BIG GRIN) I just could't resist.

I know what you mean Phiip.  When i got that picture off my game camera, I just couldn't resist either.

If you get lop ear is he going to make a knife to go with Lefty?

I don't know Jan.  I will have to think about that.  I might get a little push back from Cindy if I have another custom knife made.

Jan Carter said:

If you get lop ear is he going to make a knife to go with Lefty?


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