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It has been quite a while since I posted any critter pics so I thought it was about time to post some more.




Does fighting

Owl again

Deer and a turkey

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Cool pictures Charles. Keep them coming.

Thanks Clint.  I have had game cameras out for about ten years now.  Those two pictures of the owl are the only ones I have gotten of owls in those ten years.  That object that the owl is sitting on is a corn feeder.

Look at that big beautiful owl!

Didnt get him on the trail cam, got him with the phone LOL.  He just took a leisurely stroll from our side of the mountain to the other side which is where this is taken.  Even this far away you can see he is skinny from the long winter and scruffy as all get out but we think he is a three year old born right here on our mountain

A bear picture is still a bear picture no matter how it is taken.  If he was born on the mountain, that means mommy and daddy are around somewhere too>

Hard to say Charles.  He is either the same one we have seen grow up over the past three years or one coming in out of the national forest behind the house.

We tend to think he is the same one we have watched from a cub because he is usually seen cruising the same paths and


Although the fall colors have not quite come in yet the animals are truly enjoying the 30-50 degree weather.  Yesterday the turkeys came out several times I was able to capture them at one point but only in a pic


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