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My oldest son gave me this for my birthday last weekend.  I had been looking for one for quite awhile

and had not found one.  We went to a gun show and I bought me a knife that I will tell about later but

did not find anything that either of us could not live without.

We left the show and went over to a gun shop and they had 4 in stock, and while I was trying to

figure out how I was going to explain the purchase to the wife he went and bought it.

It is a Ruger Redhawk in .45 colt/.45acp and I can't wait to take it out for a spin.

The knife I bought was an OTF Cobratech.

When I first looked at them I said to my son that it was a chinese made knife.  The man selling

them told me that it was made in Texas and was ceracoated with the flag pattern.  So believing

that it was made in the USA I purchased one.  No where on the knife is the country of orgin marked.

When I searched online the company does not really say that they make them in Texas.  Then I found

another company that sells the same knife, then I kept looking and found them online without the

flag pattern but identical in every other way and they said that they were made in China.

I guess first impulses do matter.

Anyway the knife seems of good quality, from what I can find out they may use a combination of

american made springs and finishes with the base knife made elsewhere.

I have been using it as a EDC and it seems to be a okay knife, not as good as my Microtechs but

smaller and easier to carry.  I do not mean to talk bad about the company and

I may be wrong in my research, but untill I have had time to use this knife I can not say that it is

worth the price I paid.   Only time and use will tell.

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ROME, No Offense to her Ladyship.....Butt Bless, Your Son, "He who Kno with" , I forget the Rest.

Rite on, for that Young Man.   NO OFFENSE to Anyone Intended.


Great birthday present there Rome!  Ruger makes good guns.  I have eight Rugers.  Two of them are Blackhawks.  One is a .45 Colt/.45 acp convertible, the other is a .38-40/10 mm convertible.  I also have a Single Six.  It is a .22 LR/.22 Mag convertible..


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