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Went deer hunting Saturday morning.  Saw four, three does and a little button buck fawn.  He was a cute little fellow.  

Went again Monday afternoon.  Didn't see anything.

Went again this (Tuesday) afternoon.  Didn't see any deer.  Did see a coyote.  Didn't get a shot at it.  He was at the end of my open shooting lane which made it a 180 yard shot.  I didn't shoot hoping he would come closer.  Instead he went back into the brush and I never saw him again.  I regret not taking the shot.  I have shot deer at that range but a deer is a larger target than a coyote.  I figure I probably had about a 50/50 chance of hitting him.  With my .30-06 and a 150 grain Remington CoreLokt, a solid hit anywhere on his body or head would have killed him.  The last coyote that I killed with it was hit just behind the rib cage.  It nearly cut him in two.

I have been getting a lot of pictures of coyotes on my game cameras.  Here are some of the ones I have gotten just in the last two days.

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Went hunting again this afternoon.  Saw two, a doe and probably her six month old fawn.  Not ready to shoot a doe yet.


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