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It's hard to choose one caliber, especially when the game or yardage changes so often. Sometimes it's a whistle pig at 300 yards and other times it's a whitetail at 80. Even for those of us who don't hunt and who just enjoy a little range time with our favorite handgun, there is usually a certain cal. that just hits home.

So, my question is, which is your favorite cal.? 

There is something about sitting on a porch and wasting a couple boxes of 22. shells. Those little, brass cased bullets go off with the slightest "bang" , but still, they don't have that special place in my heart. 

The 243. is my caliber.

It may be labeled as a varmint round by some, but to others like me, it's the perfect choice for big game. It's a flat shooting beanfield rifle, perfect for any whitetail who have walked the woods of Pa. It will nock 'em down and stack 'em up. I have enjoyed much success with this caliber, while in the rolling hills, or the cornfields on the farm. 

So, if you have a favorite cal, or gauge, take some time and share your thoughts. 

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I use to shoot a .270cal and a .444cal but because of medical problems I had to down size. I now shoot a 7mm./08cal, it's the sweetest shooting rifle I have ever shot. It has very little recoil and is deadly accurate. I have two rifles in this caliber, a lever action and a bolt action. I have not lost a deer with it yet. It is also great for my girls to shoot when they come hunting. The 7mm/.o8cal is the big brother of the .243cal and the .308cal. They all have the same brass case but different calibers. In calibers they are .243cal....30cal. and .284cal. It's what I shoot now days.

Robert, I have a Sako in 270. and a Marlin in 444. they are both great guns, but they aren't always the best choice. I know a guy who uses his 7mm. o8 for anything from Elk to deer. He loves them and his family has adopted it as the cartridge of choice. I hear a lot good about it, but I have no experience of my own with it.

I have a few depending on what , where and when I'm shooting.

Deer = either the .257 Roberts or .257 Weatherby and sometimes a 7x57 Mauser except in the grain fields then either a 6.5x55 Swede, .300 H&H or a .340 Weatherby and in the bush either a .30/30 or a 7x30 Waters.

Moose = .358 Win, .318 Westly Richards or .400 Jeffrey.

Coyotes & fur bearers = .17 Rem Mach lV, .19 Badger, .204 Ruger or .222 Rem

Nostalgia = .218 Bee, .218 Mashburn Bee, .219 Zipper, .219 Donaldson Wasp, .221 Fireball, .22 Hornet, .220 Swift, .22/250 Rem, .224 Weatherby, .225 Win, .250/3000 Savage and a number of others.

Benchrest = .22 PPC, .6mm PPC, 6.5x284, .338 Custom and .408 CheyTac.

Prairie dogs = Any of the above

Daily protection at the hunting lodge = .425 Westley Richards or .416 Rigby


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