I was using a fawn in distress call on my caller to try to call up a coyote or bobcat.  I was in one of my shooting houses that I hunt deer from.  The shooting house is next to a fence along the property line with about a 185 yard open lane in front of it.  I spotted something about 100 yards out making its way along the fence toward me and the caller.  There is quite a bit of stuff along the fence and it was obviously using it as cover.  When it got a little closer I could see it was a raccoon and a big one.  It continued working its way along the fence all the way to the caller.  The caller was on the ground in front of the shooting house.  When the raccoon got close to the caller I stood up so I could see it.  The raccoon then saw me and left.  I got to thinking about it and wondered if raccoons would kill fawns.  I did some research when I got home and found that they would.  Now I wish I had killed the raccoon.

About a week later I was back out there.  As I was coming out of the woods, I spotted this dog with this baby fawn in its mouth.  By the time I had caught up with the dog it had laid the fawn down.  When I picked up the fawn i saw that its insides had been completely eaten out.  The body was still intact but there wasn't an organ left in its body cavity.  I don't believe the dog killed the fawn.  I think it just found it.  I believe the dog would have torn the body apart.  I think a raccoon may have killed it.

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I have hunted in the woods since I was 10 years old and never have heard of a raccoon acting in this way. I was with a friend in Southeast Oklahoma calling coyotes using a rabbit distress call. We called in several deer within 20 yards. I have used these calls and never called in a raccoon. Amazing story Charles. Thank you for sharing.

Clint, I had never called up a raccoon either.  I once called two does to my caller with a fawn distress call.


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