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This is a color case hardened North American Arms mini revolver.

I love the old time looks. I have larger and larger caliber handguns, but I love these little guys and currently own 6.


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David, thanks for joining the Arsenal group and thanks for posting this picture.


I've been carrying a North American Arms .22 magnum for over 25 years as my back-up ankle gun. I use the cheapest nylon and velcro ankle wrap holster that can be imagined. I don't know where I got this little ankle wrap holster but once you put it on you will  forget it's there.

I do like the larger grips on your pistol and the case hardening makes it look, well, quality and older.

I recommend these NAA mini firearms to all my friends as EDC. I've never found a volunteer to take a round in the face to prove that a .22 will only make an aggressor mad.


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