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First post so take it easy on me. Who doesn't like guns right? Here's a shot of one of my favorites....Norinco NHM 91

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Thanks for joining the group James and thanks for posting the picture.  Nice rifle!  The closest I have to that is a Norinco SKS.  I added that extension to the butt because the length of pull was just a bit short for me.

This is my favorite gun.  It is a Model 1873 Winchester manufactured in 1891.  It is .38-40 caliber.  It was passed down to my from my father.  I killed a deer with it last season.


I have an SKS from the early 60's I believe. It has a red composite *Jungle stock. I have some other vintage Military rifles, a MAK 90 and a semi rare 1928 hex receiver Mosin.

James and Charles,

I love collecting guns because there are so many variations. I like lever guns, military rifles...basically all guns. 
Here is my "Truck Gun"....an Iver Johnson "Enforcer" like a baby M1 Carbine in .30 caliber.


Here is one rifle that my wife is wanting: An 1895 Winchester in .35 Remington caliber. I want a nice example that is shootable but not necessarily excellent. Honest nicks and dings appreciated.


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