Post any Kid's Clubs related to knives here. Manufacturers or retailers. If you have a kid program, let us know! Post your details here. Also, if you stumble upon any other kid's collector incentives, let us know. Let's help our kids build a great collection supported by our incredible community!

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Not incredibly informative for a first post, but darned impressive if you ask me...

I asked a few folks in Chat yesterday about any kids clubs they may know of to get my granddaughter Emika into to start her own collection. We chatted a bit about it, tossing around some ideas, when two of our members graciously asked me for my address so they could send her a little something to help her start her collection off right.Charles Sample and Jeremy Buchanan both dipped in to their own collections to help a 6 year old girl to start hers. To you gentlemen, I say Thank You! You both exemplify what this site and community are all about! And what better way to start a collection than with knives freely given out of love for the hobby?? I will be making this a surprise for Emika and her Mom, and will give them to her in some form of display, once I figure out what kind. Man...am I proud to be a part of this commun...no...this family! Kudos to iKC and the family it has become!


You might want to check out the "Kids Hall of Fame" at http://www.kleckerknives.com/kids-hall-of-fame/

I mentioned this site in the Nov. Soddy Daisy Knife Collectors Assoc. newsletter (www.sdkca.com) and with your permission I would like to mention this club next month.

I appreciate your efforts to involve kids in the hobby ... it has been long needed ... and if the hobby is to grow we will need more folks like you.


Heya Jim!

That Hall of Fame is pretty cool! Some big smiles there.

I have no issue with the Klub being shared. It is all about the kids, and any resources for them we are happy to pass along. This is a work in progress, and contributed to by our members. If you have more to add, please do! We'd be thrilled to see more folks join the Klub and share with everyone.

Take care...


What a great hall of fame!!!!!

Thanks Jim, for sharing it with us.  The next generation is what will save us from the knife being vilified as a weapon and it's rightful place brought back as a tool.  SDKA does very well at involving them also!

Thanks for the kind words but all of the credit goes to Klecker Knives for the Hall of Fame.



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