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Suggested readin' - CARVING PEACH PITS by R.V. Dietrich.

We've also agreed to host the "Whittling and Woodcarving" group here also.  Discussions from June 20th-June 29th are from that group.

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Actually did some leather work, today, with my Geppetto.

Hat pins in the works.

Been busy with keeping Belle this week, but have still been participating in the traditional project.

Wanted a fresh pit for an odd project, so here's day 12's posting.

Hey Geppetto is working pretty hard!

I was a basket case today, Jan.

ROFL, I understand daycare and hat pins will do that to a fellow

Lunch with Karlee and her boyfriend...

Dinner with Kaylin and her crew...

All I had time for today was a little maintenance.

Work in progress aught to keep me in pics for a week.

Great!  Cant wait to see them...Glad you took some family time

Nearing the end of the challenge.

Finishing up a monkey.

You know we have a very elusive monkey Uncle Whiskers.  If I look for him I cannot find him but he just shows up somewhere in a day or so LOL


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