Am I unlucky or has anyone noticed problems with the USPS lately? I bought a mint RCC 1219c2 off eBay and it was shipped just fine,in their box the seller said.it made to St.Paul and tracking said "Departed St. Paul".Thats the last thing it said! After weeks of talking to the USPS and filling out a form so they could check the dead letter place still no knife.they said they would call me three times and didn't.i guess this priority parcel fell off the planet? I can only cry so long I guess. WELL,, here I am again,bought a rare Utica m-5 and I'm in the same boat again. Departed Mi.days ago,no other tracking! I have my ideas of what is going on but the P.O people don't want to go there. Anybody else having problems?

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Yes, USPS has lost several of my packages in the last year. Not only knives. Some have been mail order meds.

John--  Errrrr-maybe??-- Tobias mailed out a package to me on Saturday from  Chicago-- Still not delivered as of today-- I only live 140 miles away in Champaign, IL--- I could have walked it to my house by now-- Fingers crossed !!

It use to be Priority mail was two days-three at most.Now it's three days at least and sometimes five. I just want what I paid for. The sad part is that was the first and only Utica m5 I've seen for sale.i was lucky enough to get it and now this. I'm wondering if when they see my name on a package they know it's sweet stuff inside. Yes,driving me nuts!

amazingly enough, I have found if you file a claim (ins is auto on priority)  the knives appear!!!

Try it, it is my new magic trick

I realize the USPS has a big job to do and 9 times out of 10 they get it done. I just wish they wouldn't drop the ball when it involves items I can't replace. I have one thing to say to them," HELLO NEWMAN"


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