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I have the Warthog Fixed Blade, USMC Fighting Knife, and the Fin Folder.
I've only got one KA-BAR, but it's easily my favorite fixed blade.

U.S. Army Plain edge.

Same as the USMC version, but has US Army stamped on the tang and sheath instead of USMC.

Might pick up one of their folders though.
I collect mostly old Union Cutlery era Ka-Bars
Here are a few:
Ka-Bar Union Cutlery Fishing Knife

Union Cutlery Ka-Bar Knife Olean, N.Y.

Ka-Bar Olean, N.Y. WWII Fightin' Commando Knife
i have two and love them too much... one 1211 (black) with plastic tac sheath... and one USMC black with stacked leather handel (then i camo formed it) and leather USMC sheath... bolth combo edges
the 2 on the club logo are mine
So I was perusing knife sites, and I didn't realize that the Warthog folder was so cheap, so I think I'll pick one up on payday when I order my RAT-1.
That second knife seems kind of weird. Never seen a knife blade bend back towards the handle like that.
Not sure about the spelling but i got a ka-bar dozier folder in the hunter version. Great beater knife, strong and simple
I have the fullsize black kabar. The short black tanto and two kabar bk11's and soon i will have a kabar cutlass! =)
Well...I have 29 Ka-Bars in all. My latest Ka-Bar acquisition is the Becker BK-7. I also have the BK-9 and the BK-2. Love these knives...super heavy duty. I have a Fin that I'm growing more fond of. I have a Dozier KBD-1 that I love. I have a 1275 Bull Dozier that is just fantastic. I also have the folder version 4080 that is my favorite folding Ka-Bar. I also am quite fond of the Dozier Ka-Bar economy folders (such as the 4072, 4070, 4064 and 4062. Just this year, Ka-Bar released the 4062 in a variety of great handle colors (black is standard, with orange, foliage green, desert sand being options) with black blades.
i've got a usmc, a hobo, and an orange/black dozier with thumb hole. all awesome!
The orange/black ones are nice. I've got a 4064 and a 4072 (small knife) and really like the contrasting colors. The sand and foliage green are great ones if you like that Dozier series.


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