The National Pike Knife Club originated from an idea of a few people sitting in a back room of a barn talking about knives, thinking if they could maybe get 12 to 18 members they would have a solid club. 

            The first meeting was held in the garage of one of our original members. At that time is was decided to come up with a name and a logo for the club, also to try and find more members, as we only had about a half dozen or so people attending the meeting. 

            It was decided the club would be know as the National Pike Knife Club, because of the closeness of our location to U.S. 40 which is known as the National Pike. The three leaf clover was accepted as the logo.

            Later the Covered Conestoga Wagon drawn by oxen leaving a covered bridge was also accepted as the co-logo because of its association with the National Pike.

            Lately the covered wagon has become our primary logo and the three leaf clover a secondary, a memento to our original accepted logo, which we put on our club knives that we order annually. Each knife is numbered and the member gets the same numbered knife each year.

            The club was chartered in 1999. At the time we had 28 chartered members. If we were to be chartered we were going to need officers: a president, vice president, secretary, and treasure.  These officers were to serve for a period of one year, the elections would be held again.

            As our club was charted in August, the elected officer of that year would begin in August and end in the preceding August meeting. That meeting is when new officers will be elected. Only members present at the meeting and have their club dues paid are entitled to vote.

            Annual club membership dues covers a period from August 1st to July 31st. Dues are pro-rated at one to four months is half, five months or longer pays the full amount.

            As the membership kept growing we had to move to a larger meeting room. At present we have approximately 100 members. We meet the second Sunday of every month at the Rotarian Center in St. Clairsville. We average 34 to 45 members per meeting. Prior to every meeting which is called to order by the president at 2:00 P.M., a meal is served and the members buy, sell and trade cutlery.

Location: South-East Ohio- National Road-U.S. Route 40


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