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I replaced the black plastic scales with aftermarket ones, then cut, sanded and glued orange liners from a sheet of .06" G10.

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Nice clean result, Laura.

!! . Very very Sweet . !!

The 60 thousands thick bright orange G-10 really accents the handle.

!! . Nice . !!

How did you cut the liner material ?

LOVE the combination here!

That looks awesome! 

WOW that looks good...

Did you have to purchase longer bolts to add to the liners, or did you countersink the bolts?  Or was it a kit?  

Curious because I don't have a BK7, at least not yet.  And seeing this handle mod makes me think it should move a lot higher on my want list... 

Thanks! The existing hardware just barely fit. Slightly longer screws would have been easier.


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