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Many of us have dreamt of  "improving"  our knives.

Some have even implemented their improvements.

Here is a place to share and document those modifications.

Before & after pics are great .. I realize this isn't always possible .. I did some of mine years ago. A statement of design goals or modification purpose is a good place to start.

Identifying the desired changes & modifications is encouraged. As is a description of

the tools, any problems encountered, & methods used in the process.

A summary statement & pic of the final result will wrap it up !! 



Also .. a place to share our mistakes.

Share what works & what doesn't.

Conquered a problem .. post a solution.

Up against a problem .. query for another's advice.

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Do you one better, Terry.  I've even smoothed out the liners, if I felt it necessary.  LOL

real nicxe job jj...

OK, you got me this time, J.J.!  LOL

Ever since Jan posted about the Pigeon Forge Roadshow, I've been a little antsy.

Thought it was time for another wharnie mod.

... and it locks out .. looks like a carving tool to me :)

!! . Nice result . !!

J.J. Smith III said:

Ever since Jan posted about the Pigeon Forge Roadshow, I've been a little antsy.

Thought it was time for another wharnie mod.

Looks like a good carver to me!

Came across this old Steel Warrior lockback whittler in a bag with a whittlin book.  Figured that it was time to give it a slight facelift.

Tentative plans are to reprofile the main blade (already marked) and round out the scales.

I like those knives .. I find them great "kid's first knife" knives .. gave one away this last Christmas. The locking main blade adds safety & the price is such that if it's lost or broken .. no one but the youngster really feels a loss.


In the last month or so, I came across one in jigged brown bone I forgot I had. I see where your mod & its removal of part of the nail nick won't change anything. i.e. the pen blade covers the front 3/4's on mine.


My favorite mod is to put a copperhead on the main blade end of the frame.


What do you use to cut the main blade down ?? Dremel ??

I do like their blue bone ..but.. I like every bodies jigged dyed blue bone.




Diamond wheel on a Dremel, Dale.

It left enough of the nail pull that I didn't have to extend it further back.  Need to take off some from the secondary blades as they're too large to be effective.

Personally, I'm not a fan of colored scales, but these are actually died well.

In what I've done, so far, the blue is still uniform.

I've still got a couple more laying around here so this one is filling my desire for a mod.

That’s awesome! Love that knife. I’m not familiar with Copperlocks but I will be getting to know them now!

D ale said:

I have a serious fondness for Case's Mini Copperlock ..
Frost offers a Cooperlock in his Steel Warrior line..
I believe the same blue print was used for both ..
.. making this a wonderfully cost effective prototyping platform in my quest for that perfect Culock EDC !!!!

I added the thumbstud & a deeper tighter radius @ the front bolster .. slight radius to the scale & rear bolster edges
Dremel tool for radius @ front bolster .. hand sanding for scale & rear bolster contouring ..
Drill press, generic < $ 200, set to slowest speed, carbide drill bit ... should have used a cutting oil for lubrication and heat reduction .. NOTE: be cautious of heat buildup.
This allowed me to prototype the thumbstud mod w/o risking an actual Case Copperlock.


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