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just wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how to bring back the luster in the various types of old scales. I really enjoy shining and polishing old beat up knives but haven’t been able to really do much with the scales.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated 

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Since there are about as many different types of materials used for knife scales as there are knives. An answer to your question would be contingent upon which specific type of scale you were attempting to restore. 

Do you have a particular type of scale in mind. And, could you post some pics of it...or them?

I know many people who use a substance called FLITZ followed by some Ren Wax.

As Ron stated .. the material type comprising the scale material does matter. Such as .. celluloid .. which can start deteriorating if a petroleum based solvent comes in contact with it.
Please post pic & we'll try being more specific.


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D ale

Thanks everyone, I don’t have any in particular right now per se but I’ve had trouble with jigged bone, derlin, others I’m not sure what it is and so forth. I guess I was just looking for ideas of everyone’s “go to” with the various types used. I’ve used Flitz in the past, and just got REN wax this past week.


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