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My Sweetheart asked me for a knife .. made my day !!!

Specifically .. she wanted a Doctor's Knife .. for the inherent pillbuster feature.

I showed her the ones I have .. a Kinsfolk (by Queen for Case) .. a couple Queen std # 96 .. a Case Baby Doc ..&.. the 2 A.G. Russell Small Doctor's knives. The A.G. Russell came out on top with the Case Baby Doc a close second.

However, she has a preference for natural wood scales. Which .. it turns out .. is not readily available in a small Doctor's Knife. There do exist some ..but.. an extremely limited selection .. at best. I and a couple members here (Thank you , Jan & Doug) verified this. SO0oo .. I decided to simply buy one with bone scales & replace the scales with Mahogany. Hence .. this project.

My wife chose a Remington R73 Mini Doctor's Knife as the starting point. Remington's knives are currently manufactured & private labeled for them by Bear & Son. She already has a Bear & Son Peanut as an EDC & is happy with the blade steel.

Also, the price vs quality is a deal.

I used a 0.125" end mill to remove the head of one side of the center backspring pin.

Which actually began forcing the pin out.

The pin (measured dia = 0.081”) was completely removed by using a 0.078” drill bit as a punch. The wooden mallet is one I constructed using the end of a little league baseball bat & a 0.750” dia wooden (oak) dowel.

This is the first time I've replaced the scales of a factory pinned knife. I've replaced scales before ..but.. always in a knife that used threaded fasteners & allowed complete disassembly of the knife. This will be a learning experience for me, i.e. FUN !!!

I'll document the process along the way by adding pics & comments as I progress.


D ale



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Stayed up WAAAaaaay past my usual bedtime last night .. finishing out the Doctor's Knife.

It's my wife's birthday today.

All hand sanded to a wet/dry 1000 grit finish.

Very simple mosaic pin offered a personalized touch.

Six months .. start to finish.

It turned out .. nice.


Happy Birthday, Sweetie !!!

Happy Birthday Ms Abby!

Great rehandle D ale.  I just know she is going to love it!

Good show, good buddy!

I've got a feeling that once your lady lays eyes on this little gem you just might be up past your "usual" bedtime again tonight, caught up in a shower of birthday appreciation...if you get my drift? *nudge nudge ~ wink wink* lol

Happy Birthday to your lady and Happy New Year to both of you!

Fantastic job  Dale !!

Looks great, she will love it. 

Start to Finish

And .. she did appreciate it.


That is beautiful work. You are an artist.

Thank you, Chris !


Thank you for joining our Repair & Mod Group.

Chris R. said:

That is beautiful work. You are an artist.


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