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Win This Knife ( A Colt CT 405 Skinner.)

Here’s the deal.  If you would like win the knife pictured, simply post a reply in this thread answering these three questions?

1) What is your favorite knife pattern (patterns)?

2) What brand, if any, makes up the bulk of your collection?

3) What will you do with this knife if you win it?

There are no WRONG answers!  All entrants will be put it in a hat and a winner will be drawn randomly. 

The winner will be picked over the 4th of July week-end.  The deadline for entry is 12:00 (12 Noon) GMT on 5 July 2014. Don’t know what time that is?  Play it safe and get it to me before 4 July 2014 ends!

In order to be considered you must reply with answers to the three questions within this discussion.

If you win and live  outside of the United States may have to pay some for postage.  I’m willing to pay up to $10.00 (US) for postage but you would be responsible for anything over that.  (It will only cost me $5.80 to ship in the lower 48 so I think I’m being fair about the shipping.) 

The item will be shipped in a small standard flat rate box.

If the knife is illegal for you to own or have shipped to you, please do not enter the contest.

This knife is from my personal collection and has been lightly used but properly cared for. You will get the knife and the sheath. (Sorry, no box!) 

Those who have won in the past may recall that I have a tendency to toss other stuff in the flat rate box along with the prize knife!  I like to get my money's worth with the USPS shipping and I take their slogan "If it fits, it ships at one low cost" very seriously.  Thus the winner can expect more than just the one knife shown above!  I just don't know what else will be joining it!

I reviewed this knife on IKC some time back.  You can read the review here:





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Thanks Tobias and Good Luck to all and Congrats to the Winner. And thanks again for Tobias generosity.

Congratulations to all who played!!!

I'd like to thank all those who participated. and Congratulations to the winner Charles Sample. Keep a look out for another chance to win around Labor Day.  (That means September for all those who don't live within the borders of the U.S.A.!) 

And now for a confession.  The Colt 405 was a knife that I thought I was going to like but over  my feelings for it changed.  I really liked the blade but wasn't crazy about the stag handle.  I'm hoping Charles will find more joy in that I did.  I've had the knife for almost 2 years and it wasn't easy to part with it.  What finally made my cut the umbilical cord was when I bought the cousin to the Colt 405 - that is the Colt 407.

The major difference between the two knives is:

the 405  has a rolled stag handle that is attached with a rat tail tang.  The tang passes through the handle and is capped off with a brass hex-nut. The rolled stag is also affixed to the tang with an epoxy.

The 407, on the other hand has a half tang inserted into a hard wood handle accented with brass rivets.  Despite having a half tang, I just liked the primitive frontier look of the 407.  I also preferred the feel of the wood handle to the stag.

Obviously it would've been easy enough to KEEP both knives, but I decided I would send the Stag knife  off to another knife collector who might find more enjoyment in it.  Use it in good health, Charles.  It is a good one even if it is 420J2 steel and made in Pakistan!

LOLOLOL I don't complain about winner. but good for Ken did win. 

congrats ___  lol

Congratulations, Charles!

Tobias, I am happy to be getting it.  I thank you for it.  I always like getting another knife.  I haven't decided yet whether it will be a user or I will add it to my collection.  When I have it in my hands and get the feel of it that will help me decide.  I have three other knives that serve at least similar purposes and I have already used.  They are a Buck Omni Hunter, a RR Sidewinder, and my Wiebe custom skinner.

My wife heard when I played the video where you announced that I won.  She asked me what  I won.  I told her and she said, "You ought to play the lottery!"

Congrats Charles.


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