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If you find yourself buying & carrying Leatherman, SOG, Gerber, Swiss Army, Swiss-Tech, Atwood, or other types of multi-tools than this is the club for you!

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a good multi tool is worth its weight in gold if your life depends on it.

Unfortunately, one of the problems with being an early adopter is design flaws.  I bought an early Leatherman (bought 2 cause I lost one).  As you can see by the picture below, deploying the pliers meant that you were squeezing on the "sharp" edges of the tool, instead of rounded edges of the Leatherman when closed.

Next, I bought the Gerber MT that you snap the pliers from their hiding place for use.  The problem with that model was that the plier handles close/meet, and when it slips you are squeezing a handful of palm.  Once or twice with that and I retired the MT.

Next I got a Gerber MP800 with good ergonomics and neat rubber grip strips on the sides.  You can take the whole thing apart, and supposedly you can buy replacement wire cutter blades.  However, there was only one knife blade in it, and I am not a fan of half-serrated blades.

Then I got a Victorinox Swiss-Tool - no numbers or other names - what I think was their first multi-tool.  "Swiss-Tool" is its name.  This one suits me just fine.

I haven't looked at any multi-tools since this Victorinox, although I should probably take a look at the newest generation of everybody's multi-tool, but I don't want to buy another tool.

Here is  a neat link to some multi-tools from Yahoo,



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