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Toby, I lose track of my postings too. Especially across different sites as well.

This Western knife looks like it has a little hammering on the bolsters. Otherwise in good condition.

I have no idea which photos of camp knives I've already posted here so I'm going to try and embed my photo album of BSA and related Camp/scout knives.  Let's see If I know what I'm doing:

<br /><small><a href="http://www.iknifecollector.com/photo/photo">Find more photos like this on <em>iKnife Collector</em></a></small><br />

WOW !!!!,

 Spent a hour reading and looking at all these AWSUM "Camper/Scout/Hobo' knives.

Here is just a little of what I have:

TL, Crossman; TR, Camillus; Middle; Imperial;  (All rotating EDC),  Bottom: In the mid 70's, traveling around Europe, Got this in Denmark, and was in my pocket for 10 weeks, and it was my 'train' snack eating knife !     NOW,  after looking at all these great knifes, (from the 'old' group, to this one).  Is their anybody, that would want a, 'NEW' knife, made by some USA  maker, which has a: Blade/Saw/Bottle Opener/Corkscrew, with a Bail, which is 3-4" long closed? Which is LIMITED to 50 ?      Thinking of having one made, with those specifications.   Any one Interested ? 

Nice knives Tom.

Saw some nice hobos at the Fl Knife Makers show today

I have often said my ideal knife would be  on a 3 3/4 in cigar scout frame.  It would have a spear master with a saw secondary both opening at the top.  I'd keep the leather punch/awl on the bottom end as well as screwdriver /cap lifter.  The inside edge of the cap lifter would be sharpened so you could cut fishing line or para-cord  I'd replace the can opener with small pair of scissors.  I'd also  pin a   two inch long nail file / hook sharpener in the back scale.  And the knife would definitely have a bail.  

The need for a can opener rarely comes up anymore andI always have my P-38 so that is why i dropped the can opener in place of scissors. Saw blades are essential.  You can cut small saplings and scale fish with them.  By sharpening the inside curve a cap lifter, you could use it for a gutting blade in a pinch (although a pretty lousy one!)    The scissors can help with small chores and personal grooming when combined with the file/ hook sharpener.

I had to fix this pic some, Show lights and pearl dont make for a good mix but I wanted you all to see the design more than I wanted you to see the pearl.  This English made hobos locks itself into place.  What appears to be a bottle opener is actually a locking mechanism, it goes over the pin and locks the two halves togeather

That looks like a beautiful set Jan. Lovely bolsters and mop.

IFound this one at an antiques fair yesterday. Based on the can opener, it dates to circa early 1900s I think. Has picnic companion marked on the fork.

I like that grooved cork screw.  I would also lean toward pre World War II, at least.  It could be very early 1900s. Do you know who made it,  Smiling-Knife

Ken, the blade on your Camillus Coast Guard Rope knife appears to have been modified? I know mine has more of a Sheepsfoot shape to it. Did you do the modification on yours?

Here's a pic of mine. Notice the can opener and lack of bail on mine. I need to get one with a bail...

@Smiling-Knife, I really like the looks of that "Picnic Companion" you've posted! It appears to be quite heavy -- is it?

Ron, I'm pretty sure you are correct.   The S702 (your knife) and the Q5 (Ken's knife) were both made with a "Coping Sheepfoot" blade.  This S702  below has  a full un-sharpened blade,  This is the full profile of the blade.:


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