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A TL-29 or 27 would certainly be classified as a Knife of the Great Outdoors. Lineman used them as well as military electricians. They were and are used for good carry/work knives.

Some have collections of TL-29's so lets have their own site - right here.

Post those pics and info on this great knife.

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Peter Force found out what TL stands for: Tool, Linesman

Now I wonder about the TL-27, if there is such a thing.

When I was a young Electrician, I did line work for the University of Louisiana. I used a knife similar to a Tl-29.

Klein Tools TL-29 with half hawk

Robeson TL-29

Hi. I don't have one but thought you might be interested in this entry from a 1930s Wostenholm brochure.

That was a great article - thanks Smiling Knife - I would love to have one of those Sheffield TL-29's.

KaBar Olean NY TL-29

Here is an Ulster TL-29

A Ward and Camillus TL-29

Great, looking knife.

Has anyone heard of Xcelite - like in this TL-29?

I also got this neat Queen TL-29 with the Q and USA - I was happy to discover it was a Queen.


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