Does anyone have the NKCA Founder set in their collection ? If so what serial number , I have 0167 and 1413 .  I see alot of these on Ebay that have been broken up to try and make more money. I think this set was not meant to be broken up and it is sad to see it happen. 


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Here is a pic of the outside of the case the knives come in

Ricky I have seen all the knives, but I have actually only seen 2 of the sets.  Recently I saw someone selling the boxes with no knives and it made me sad 

Sure is a beautiful set. I have a friend that has four Canoes and I think it had faces or something on the blades but can't really remember. Not I believe they're in the same type box.


I know there was a president set also.  Maybe thats the one with the faces

Maybe, I'd ask him but he went to Ohio for swap meet or something cause he works a table there. I'll have to ask him when he gets back.

Yeah Jan, I saw an empty Founder set box sell on Ebay the other day for $6. 

I know the 2000 NKCA President's set of 5 big 2 blade canoes with amber stag bone handles have the names of the first 5 NKCA presidents, but there are no faces on the blades.  These also are serialized, and are often broken up and sold separately on Ebay, which should be a crime.  The odds of a collector ever getting the set back together once it has been broken up and sold to different people is nearly impossible.

The same goes for the Founders Set which you are mentioning.  I can't imagine why anyone would want to split up a set of matching serial #'s.

Here is a picture of the President's Set.

AH HA!  I knew Carl would know....on a side note.  I am awaiting Lisa's permission to be on the site to add all the rest of those commemoratives Carl.  I have blanket access but dont like to go in unless she is expecting it out of respect

That's understandable.  Thanks for letting me know.  I am currently in the middle of adding all the NKCA magazines from 1977 - 1997 to my website (covers only).  I have started collecting them now, after my grandfather gave me about 60 that he had in his basement.


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