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Game Warden, Model 970, 1977

Single blade version and a very popular knife. The 970 has been in and out of production a couple of times. I believe it is back in production again. For a size reference it is about the same size as a Buck 110

Game Warden Model 972, 1974

Two blade version again with two lock springs

Game Warden Model 970 "Hoffritz", 1987

An unusual find in Australia, possibly more common in the USA?

US company Hoffritz Cutlery imported some Puma knives. Those that they sold were branded the same as any other Pumas, but also had the Hoffritz logo added to the blade

Detail shots of Trail Boss, Game Warden and Plainsman

Deer Hunter, Model 965, 1980

The next size below the Game Warden in the "American Style" lockback folders.

A very popular and long enduring knife still in production, probably because it is just that bit smaller than the Game Warden (or if you like a Buck 110) so just a good size for either a belt pouch or a pocket, but still large enough to be a good all round blade

Yeah I know I should polish the brass!

Cub, model 960, 1975

Next size smaller than the Deer Hunter. Not so many of these around. I'm not sure but I think this model is out of production?

The smallest in the "American Style" series is the Gentleman Model 955. Don't have one yet, but I'm still looking for one at the right price (no newer than 1980)  to complete the set. I'll find one one day, no big deal

Puma Model 941, 1973

Described by Puma as a "German Style Hunting Folder"  this model has been around since at least 1960 (that I am aware of) and so predates Buck's claim to be the originators of the lockback design. That's not saying that Puma was first either, far from it. Not taking anything away from Al Buck, just that he refined the design, but also the older Puma design is just as strong and sturdy as anything made by Buck

Conversely, the Puma "American Style" knives as well as the "Aristocrat Series" are heavily influenced by Al Buck's design.

Note the pouch, a soft velour pouch not intended to be carried on the belt, and not shown, at the end between two small flaps is a metal disc intended to be used in the nail slot to open the blade

Puma Jagdtashenmesser Model 210-211, 2012

Another "German Style Hunting Folder"

We don't see a lot of the "German Style" Puma folding knives here in Australia, but there have been and still are so many different models, different combinations of blades and other tools etc. I don't think any would be particularly scarce in Europe

The inclusion of a corkscrew appears to be a fairly common denominator

Pico Set Model 54-0610, 1992

The knife is very small, blade is just under 2" so its more a pen knife than anything else.

The knife was sold individually with a choice of Black Micarta, Ivory Micarta or faux Mother of Pearl scales, or a shown here in a small leather pouch also containing a very small Mag Light

This is not a belt pouch, more like the sort of thing that would be in a lady's handbag or larger purse.

Satellite Model 220-480, 1992

Nice little lockback that could easily be an EDC pocket knife (as opposed to larger knives that would be carried in a belt pouch)

This one is a bit of a curiosity. I bought it as you see. Nice Piquadro Italian Leather pouch also containing a Schaeffer pen. Neither pouch nor pen are in any way Puma related. It came from a deceased estate, and the seller had no idea how this came about so I guess I'll never know, but the pouch is not a belt pouch, again more like the sort of thing from a Lady's handbag. Anyhow I've kept it together.

Bantam. Model 673, 1979

Quite a popular model, but hard to find a pristine example like this at 42 years old


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