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I'm told one of the Ontario Knives that people are really curious about is the OKC Bushcraft Field Knife. I thought I'd give everyone a little rundown and a picture and kind of open the floor for questions.

If you haven't heard, the Bushcraft Field Knife is the second Ontario knife in the last 4 years to be named one of Field and Stream's Best of the Best. The Black Bird SK-5 also won in 2011. The Bushcraft Field Knife is designed by Dan Maragni to be the knife you rely on in the toughest of times. It's pictured just below, above the Black Bird. 

Some of the key details: the knife is just over 10 inches long overall, with a 5 inch blade made from 5160 steel that's hardened to 53-55 HRC. Dan Maragni told me that while 5160 can have a higher hardness rating, his design called for the hardness to be backed down a little bit to make the knife better able to stand up to the kind of abuse field knives generally take.The handle is American Walnut and it comes with a DeSantis sheath, paracord lanyard and fire-starter. 

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Nice. I like the classic lines.

I think that is one of the features I like best about this one.  Its sheer simplicity.  It is a knife both priced and built for using as an EDC

That is one good looking knife and I personaly love the wood handle.

Nice examples of some of the finest EDC and bushcraft knives.

What's really interesting to me about these knives, especially as someone who is still new to this field, is how they are incredibly simple but still wildly useful. It was especially noticeable to me when, for the first time, I held both of them in my hands at the same time just before taking this picture. These are very different knives that are built for very similar purposes, but both award winning designs. It really drove home how many different ways you can approach a task. 

Jan Carter said:

I think that is one of the features I like best about this one.  Its sheer simplicity.  It is a knife both priced and built for using as an EDC

Looks and sounds like a great field knife. I am partial to wooden handles myself. I wouldn't be afraid to put that one to use. 

Was the Bushcraft Field Knife ever made with the cutlery-style pins, or was that just in the prototype version?  I appreciated the pioneer look of the brass cutlery pins, but I'm much happier to see those pins replaced with bolts.  Looks like the BFK is much slimmer in hand than the Blackbird, which would likely make it more suitable for those myriad little tasks throughout a day of camping & hiking.  

Which is not to say that the Blackbird would be any slouch -- beefier handles are better for longer periods of use.  Glad to see the Blackbird, Paul Scheiter, & Hedgehog Leatherworks getting so much attention on Fat Guys in the Woods (& definitely looking forward to season 2 here)! 

I have a Ontario knife. It would be in the photos section. Could you tell me more about it. Another knife analysis has been done. I would like to know more please.  http://iknifecollector.com/photo/an-ontario-knife?commentId=3181080...


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