Please tell us about your Outdoor Adventures this Spring or Summer. Tell us the story and if you have pictures please post them to. I think it will be fun to hear about Outdoor adventures from all over the place. It can be anything from the Outdoors: Fishing, Camping, Hiking, Rock Collecting, Gardening, Picture Taking, Exploring and Scouting ext.... Please, let's hear what Ya'll are up to.

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Real pretty flowers.

The end of May is almost upon us and someone will WIN that fine little Queen knife. Ya'll have posted some nice pictures. Thanks. Ya'll have a great Memorial Day.

The extent of my Outdoor adventures are the walks I take near my house.  This morning took me out to Wolf Lake  where a couple pair of Canada Geese were taking their goslings out for a swim

(And yes it is Canada Geese not Canadian Geese.  They don't need a passport to travel from Canada they are just geese that share the same name as the country.  Think Canada Dry Ginger Ale.)

That is a nice lake and some beautiful geese.

Early this year, I was walking in my back woods on my farm when all of a sudden, my Black German Sheperd, "SHERKHAN"came running full speed out of a thicket and ran right past me heading home. I was shocked at his speed going by me but soon found out why..a few yards behind him came a huge buck at full gallup and he came to a skidding, sliding stop directly in front of me. We were face to face, about 2 foot between us and then I knew that SHERKHAN was thinking.."here you go boss..hes all yours....LOL..I still am not certain as to who was more surprised..me or the buck...

I'm thinking the buck was more puzzled but deemed you less of a threat than your dog.   I'm thinking you dog was thinking,  "This is above my pay grade you don't give me enough treats to handle this one!"   Great Story Dennis.  I know who would've been more "surprised" if it had been me.

Thanks Robert, Hope to get out there again today.

Robert Burris said:

That is a nice lake and some beautiful geese.

Dennis, my niece's husband had a somewhat similar experience.  He was deer hunting in a portable ground blind.  He was looking out the front window watching for a deer when a buck suddenly stuck it's head in the side window.  He turned his head and he and the buck were literally nose to nose.  Of course the buck immediately bolted and he couldn't even get his rifle up for a shot.

Thanks Tobias.. and I agree..SHERKHAN would probably have wanted a raise to handle the bigger stuff just as you said..

Dennis, that's an interesting story. I know things like that are possible because one day while walking in the woods with one of my dogs. I saw my dog running full blast toward me and a doe [deer] running right behind her. When the deer got to me she stopped, blew and stomped at me and my dog. I was and still am, amazed, that a deer would do that.

  Thanks for the story. Good luck.

Well the closest thing I've ever had like that was when I went to the zoo with my wife and two children (my wife was pregnant with my third at the time).  We were near the ostriches and I was taking pictures when these three bratty kids slipped past the small barrier fence that said "do not cross".  I told them they weren't suppose to do it they told me to **** off and mind my own business.  They got within about four or five feet from the main fence and started throwing peanuts at an ostrich. 

Mind you they weren't feeding the bird they were tormenting it.  I wanted go kick their butts but it is hard to do that with a pregnant wife and six and three year old.  Well as it turns out the Ostrich could take care of itself.  It ran up to the fence and scared the kids for a split second but then they came back and started tormenting it all over.  So the ostrich turned its tail toward the three kids and hosed them all three down with some of the foulest smelling crap I've ever seen! 

They took off running and cracked up laughing.  The ostrich crap shot out all the way past the little fence that said "Don not cross" and those three brat took the brunt of it. 

It was a great teaching moment.  My kids learned never to antagonize an ostrich and I learned that ostriches are as accurate with their poop as a  Marine Corps sniper!  Don't mess with ostriches!

That was some story Tobias, made me laugh.


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