Well, we need some good camping stories, so if you have one, please share.

I'll start with my latest.

We just finished packing the truck as the midday sun beat down, it was gonna be a hot one and we wanted to leave ASAP. Going on our own knowledge then the words of others we made our way to a good friend's camp. It was the first time we had ever been there, but it felt like home instantly. The good friendships we have made the camp a vacation haven.

After a day full of games and a night full of food, we hit the hay and readied ourselves for the next day. A canoe float was on the agenda.  We spent that morning tying the canoes onto the trucks. We left a little later than anticipated and got the the river around 2 o’clock, by that time ,it was hot and as muggy as could be. The freshness of the cold water made us forget the previous hours spent in the heat and soon we would start our float. 

Being that we got to the river so late, we decided to do a 4 mile trip instead of going for a longer trip. It was as relaxing as you can get and the day drifted by slowly. After finding a good swimming hole, we’d stop on the bank and kill some time in the ever flowing Pa water way. I have a little experience in a canoe and I kept the balance as best I could as my brother spent most of the time standing, with a trout rod in hand. I love how a nice yellow lure cuts the water and how it has a way of catching a fishes eye, like no other. A few fish followed, but none made that fatal mistake of biting down on the hook. 

The hours passed and our lazy float was coming to an end. The company of canoes halted for the last swimming hole. It was a fantastic place and the river views were astonishingly beautiful, but things turned quickly. The sky darkened and the wind picked up, it seemed as though the temperature was dropping as well. It was decided that we needed to high tail it the half mile back to the landing, but he winds picked up even more and it was as though we were all paddling in place. The winds carried the canoes closer and closer to shore. 

The cracked, ivory flashes cut the placid sky and the resounding “Boom”, shook the waters. The trees battled the ever growing strength of the wind and the initial hit was picture perfect. The canopy above blew up in a yellow haze as the pollen was shook loose. The leaves were blown from their roost and dead limbs began to fall.

After that first “boom” of lightening, the guys in the tin canoe decided we should get ashore and wait it out. I wasn’t about to argue, it looked like things were gonna get very bad. The rain started to pound as we made our way under an old evergreen, but it seemed as though the old giant was just another target for the crashing lightening strikes. A few of us decided to head for a camp along the waters edge to look for a drier place to stay. Thankfully we were in the company of good people. A nice couple, let us take shelter under their garage and we stayed out of the rain. 

As the minutes passed plans were brought up as to what was going to happen. Waiting the storm out wasn’t working and we needed to get going. A couple of guys hitched a way back to the trucks and in no time we had a way out of the sticky situation. It was a testament to weather and it’s unpredictability. Thankfully, we were able to rely on wisdom, strength and the generosity of others

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reminds me of a trip through the everglades we took a few years ago.  I'll have to tell you all about it soon

All and all, it was a great adventure, one ya'll will probably never forget. Some times good, some times bad.lol I have had my share of good ones and oh yea, I have had my share of ....well...lets not say bad, but rememberable....lol

Great story, Johnny. Too bad about the weather, it can ruin things in a hurry.

I was camping many years back,and brushing my teeth at night just away from the nightly warming campfire.Minding my business and this rogue raccoon runs at me!It runs thru my legs,I scream and jump like a scared animal and jump over the campfire as the raccoon runs by the fire and startles a few people.The only loss was my toothbrush but I will never forget that raccoon that ran between my legs!

Wow that's something Jeremi, it's funny how an experience like that, we remember all our life. Ya'll take advantage of going on adventures as much as you can while you're young. The older you get the harder it gets to get out there.

Sounds like a a fun river paddling along for the day with nature directing the finale!  Hey Pictures would have been great too!

That's funny  Jeremi. 

Johnny I wish I would have had time to tell you what to look for out on your trip. Like looking for plants that are strong fiber that could be twisted into cord. Maybe some dead limb wood for a handle or some tree pitch to make an adhesive out of. Maybe next time. Glad to hear your getting out and taking in some fresh air.


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