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Is this the 1st release from the resurrected Queen?  I know that the guys from Bluegrass bought most of the Queen inventory, machinery, and trademarks, and had plans to restart Queen and S&M some time this year.  If so, any idea on how many knives were made?

It honestly looks like it’s Case made but then I’m just looking at the pilot test run etch. I was thinking the guys from Bluegrass we’re having trouble finding somewhere to re-open, and that was delaying them a bit. Did you buy one Carl?

Great news.  Now then need to put some bone or stag on them!

I was thinking it looks to be something out of Bear & Son.   I will not be the first person purchasing this item.   Queen was known for that beautiful honey amber bone, not black composite.

I'm waiting to hear some more concrete details regarding this knife. Is this the official 1st new release from Gilbert Cooper and Bluegrass?

I understand that this is a pilot test run, but I was wondering if it was going to have an actual Queen tang stamp or is it only going to be etched on the production runs, like it appears to be on this one. 

Just a quick check, SMKW does indeed own the Queen Trademark now.

Word on the street is that this release was made at Bear.  Cooper is focusing on his own brands from Bluegrass, along with Schatt & Morgan.

Confirmed, SMKW owns Queen Trademark and Tang

There is a review of this knife at Queen Cutlery History


Thanks for info on the review.  I was setting out to find one when I saw your post.  Go read it folks, it is interesting knife news!  I wanted one but was to slow dang it

Nice to get the skinny from the group members


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