queen%2076-2%20%28800x600%29.jpgqueen%201976-1%20%28800x600%29.jpgI usually buy only lock blade Queens - my only excuse, but recently I bought a slim trapper off Ebay which had a pen secondary blade instead of the usual spey blade, and had very nice brown jigged bone handles and a federal or heraldic shield, along with a Queen 76 tang stamp on the main blade and a tang stamp also on the pen blade  I thought it was a special #24 and I was lucky to get it.   Not so!  

It was about 3/16ths inch short and so started checking more knowledgeable guys, I learned  that

1. Queen has no record of putting shields on knives until much later in the late 80s with Case classics and other SFOs - adding a capability for the Schatt & Morgan reproductions;

2. Queen rarely if ever tang-stamped secondary blades in the 1970s;.

3. The shorter frame, jigged bone style, and shield all look MUCH more like a Shrade slim trapper;.

4. In the 70s Queen would sometimes wholesale sell left over parts (not stopping in the 1980s);

5.  Not to call them counterfeit, some people in the past have used these parts to finish up knives or make repairs.  The most common have been some Queen City stamps in newly made knives.

Both reviewers were consistent and clear that I had bought a knife that was "Not Right," suggesting I return it.  It was not a lot of money ($35) and for now I am keeping it right in front of me as an antidote to hubris. Always a lot to learn when buying older knives.   Hope you avoid this blunder. Some pictures attached.

Dan .


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Doug and Dan,

Thais is why we are all here!  Queen is bringing out new materials, tangs and patterns.  The experts are here with us to help make sure we get and document correct information.  So buy that Queen, spend time here and on Queens Historical site, share...Let's see 'em!

BTW Doug, I really like this new bone, what do you think?

My IKC Queen Barlow is clearly stamped DFC.   I assume that stands for Daniel's Family Cutlery? 

Jan, you didn't send me a Queen look-alike did you?

Well you caught me Tobias, yours is a look alike but all the others stand for Daniels Family Cutlery and are real LOL

Dan Lago said:

DFC is newest tang stamp from Queen and this knife looks pretty nice to me- like a #19 trapper, with some of the newest stag bone-- a tiny bit a different- darker than the amber carved stag bone they have used. Lots of different stuff coming out - lots to learn about.

Why is there no shield or blade etch? 

Sorry to be slow responding - nice days outside.  Etching and shields add cost and not usually found on working knives or because of design considerations - show off the pearl - no shield needed. This darker stag bone is new on their knives and for this trapper maybe they are letting that bone get the spotlight.  Small special runs like Queen is emphasizing currently mean you might see another one soon that looks just like this guy but does have some etch or shield.  Keep watching -"different" all the time.



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