I love moras. But I was curious what others thought about them.

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Thanks Ivars. I can see that a lot of hard work could be required to correct the bevel.  A flex-belt grinder would speed things up.  You would have to be careful not to have your hand where the blade could spin around and clip a finger off.

Ivars, that is a beauty. That sheath is really perfect. In regards to the working with a belt grinder, it is easy to let the blade grab the belt and either spin the blade or throw it out of your hand, in an instant. 

I would like to know how these curved blades are made. i can only imagine they are bent into the curve and then hardened along the edge with the spine edge protected from the heat in some way, like a Triflex blade. Being laminated they can withstand the forces of bending. That may account for their higher price.  A cool tool. Thanks for posting that nice knife.

An Erik Fros Model 277

KJ mora Model 345 carbon

A very early Carl Andersson 4 1/2 inch

Frosts Rostfri Med Skarpa

My knife - The sheath is the same construction as my vintage Frosts model 54 filet knife.sheath. The lamination line is about 1/8 inch wide all along the edge, which indicates uniform sharpening throughout the length of the edge. There is no secondary bevel. The patina of the harder edge was different from the face of the blade. I could not get it to show up in a photo. After a light sanding with 1500 grit sandpaper of the entire blade the dark line on the edge disappeared, but the rest of the blade did not change, other than the the light rust coming off. That means the surface patina on the hard metal was less embedded. I believe it would return if I didn't sharpen it. Of course, I will have to at least strop it after use.

 The "wire" on the sheath is actually a heavy flat ribbon-like binding that appears to be nickel.

Vintage Erik Frosts, MoraSweden. laminated steel. birch handle, painted red. pre 1950. Unica sheath

The lamination line is evident on this knife edge. A large knife in the Frost line at the time with a 5 1/4 inch blade and overall length of 9 3/4 inch. the harder steel is the dark edge. There is only one bevel, no secondary bevel.

This is another nice old Frosts laminated steel knife. Still sharp and ready to go to the woods. 
Clay Strong said:

Hi guys.  I'm surprised it took me so long to find out how great these Mora knives are.  I just got my first, a Morakniv Heavy Companion, and I love it!  I have a feeling there will be more Mora's in my future.  The rules of "you get what you pay for" do not apply here.  These are great little knives and mine was only $15.00.  SWEET!


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