I love moras. But I was curious what others thought about them.

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You should try their Clipper. It is carbon steel and has better edge retention.

Data (C Thomas) said:

Hi guys.  I'm surprised it took me so long to find out how great these Mora knives are.  I just got my first, a Morakniv Heavy Companion, and I love it!  I have a feeling there will be more Mora's in my future.  The rules of "you get what you pay for" do not apply here.  These are great little knives and mine was only $15.00.  SWEET!

I have dozens of different knives from the Mora region. Not one is inferior. Use them for what they are intended  and you'll be pleased with them. Below image is the latest blade from Norway that I handled with pine. and the lower knife is a Mora Triflex - differentially heat treated. There are many choices from all of the Scandinavian countries that are equally good investments. 

tip: The Clipper has been replaced by the Companion. The Frosts Clipper is advertised for sale on ebay, but 

you will receive a Companion by Morakniv. The companions come in carbon and SS.  


Before I got into camping and back packing, I did not know much about the Mora knives that have the Scandi grind. I have been collecting knives for over 35 years now and did not have any Scandi grind knives until about 2 years ago. My brother gifted me with a Mora Companion. Since then I have used this knife for carving upon several occasions and really like how it performs and retains it's edge. It is also very easy to put an edge back on. I recently purchased a Mora Light My Fire knife, while on a visit to SMKW. I have not had the chance to use it yet, but I plan to take it on a few camping trips. I also had a custom knife made with a Scandi grind and love it. In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with a Scandi grind. 

I have 2, the mora classic, ots a great basic knife and lives in my toolbag most of the time and a morakniv carving knife. the quality of the carving knife is better tnan tne classic, if you like whittling and wood carving these are great knives. 

I was a late-comer to Mora knives, for several reasons.  A thin blade on a plastic handle in a plastic sheath & (eep!) something less than a full tang!  

But they're frickin' awesome.  Sharp, nimble cutters that excel at cutting root vegetables as well as carving wood (& stabbing oneself in the knee -- true story, not the best way to end the trip to the cabin, but nothing some routine antibiotics couldn't clear up).

I brought a Mora 120 to my first ever flat plane carving class last spring (taught by Bill Jaeger, a student of Harley Refsal), & got the go-ahead to use that knife as my primary carver.  After I started carving, I completely fell for Moras of all varieties, & gained a whole knew respect for a knife that could carve intricate details -- even if you're not going to fell a tree with it.

I don't have too many yet, but I have more than I can count on one hand (or two).  And Santa just might be dropping a Bushcraft Black in my stocking this year (side note -- having kids is awesome for myriad reasons, & among those is giving yourself -- I mean Santa giving you -- a new knife in the Christmas stocking).  :)

And this year, my kids are both getting the Bahco Laplander / Mora Clipper set as part of their birthday presents.  They're too young to use them now, but later on they'll find these to be incredible tools (& each set was only $26!)...  I'll just need to coat the Clipper occasionally with mineral oil & it should be rust free for some time to come.

The 120 is a nice knife, I have one too. love it! And hard to beat for the price. 

dlk guy, I habe a Refsal book, How about posting a picture of your class projects? I wouldnt mimd taking one of those class's but they are too far away. 


LOL!  Yes, having kids at Christmas and birthdays can be awesome!

I think you nailed it DLKG, Mora knives are kind of a hidden secret to those of us who would never think about using a thin blade, non-full tang knife. They are a great little carving knives and have become one of y favorite value knives (can't beat them for the price). I only have a couple of them so far, but really like what i see Mora coming out with. I would love to add the Bushcraft Black to my collection.

My carving Morakniv 120 has a tang all the way thru the handle, my classic wth the red handle does not. A good source for these and other scando knives is ragweedforge.com I have never bought anything from him but he has a great selection on his web site. 

I will have to check out ragweedforge.com!


I agree -- ragweed forge is a great place to check out, especially for their Nordic-made knives!


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