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Sod Buster and Sod Buster Jr.  are registered trademarks of W. R. Case & Son.  (The term sodbuster is not registered by any knife company  Sod Buster has been a TM since 1967 and Sod Buster Jr. since 1970.

 Other companies normally call this knife something else.  I've seen the generic name Farmer's Knife and Work Knife  used for the Case Sodbuster type of knife.  I will some times call it a Farmer's Work Knife or Faux Sodbuster if not be Case (so as not to incur the wrath of the Case purist!)

But I've also been gathering the names that other companies have given their farmer's work knife.  This is my list so far.

Rough Rider:  Work Knife (the large one is a copy of the old Case Liner Lock Sodbuster)

Remington:  Shotbuster (another copy of the Case Liner Lock Sodbuster)

Frost:  Dirt Buster   and also Mule Skinner

Kissing Crane:  Brown Mule

Robert Klaas: Work Knife (or by its blade stamp - Black Angus, Coal Miner, etc)

Schrade:  Imperial Large Single Blade knife or Imp 22L

Queen:  Country Cousin

Boker:  Rangebuster (and Rangebuster lockback)

Bear & Son:  Farm Hand

Clint Thompson has informed me the Moore Maker of Texas calls their Soddy a Sod Buster  (two words instead of one) And a check of their catalog confirms that. It may be they pay a royalty to use the name.

Any other known Sod Buster/Farmer's Work Knives known out there?  Does anyone have photos of Non Case Sodbuster style knives they would like to share?

I'll start off with my Coal Minder Black Jigged Bone Coal Miner Work Knife (with a nice brass bird's eye!)

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Farm Fresh Knife from Rough Rider Farms! 

This one is the RR1429 Glow locking Work knife; essentially a glow in the dark Sodbuster Jr. with a liner Lock!  How awesome is that!

The shield on the Glow series

Comes with a warning that basically says if you live in California it has chemicals in it that will kill you!  Sure am glad i don't live in California!  LOL

#21 Farm & Field Tool 

Jan, the Farm and field almost looks like a cross between a Douk-douk and Sodbaster.   Really awesome.  I love the lanyard hole.

Boker calls theirs a Sod Buster and Sod Buster Jr as well, even the lockback version. A.G. Russel calls theirs the Cowhand and Ranch Hand respectively.

Friedr Ace Solingen Germany

Actually quite fond of my Imperial sodbuster clone.


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