So, you got a Stockman, wanna show it off? Here is your chance. even though you probably have the picture in your albums, post it here! You can either add an image to your comment by clicking on the camera icon, or you can attach a file, either way we would like to see your stockman.

one rule though.... it has to be a stockman!!!

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that is beautiful Derek... really,really nice !

Nice group, Derek.

jeff said:

that is beautiful Derek... really,really nice !

Thanks Jeff!

Billy Oneale said:

Nice group, Derek.
Thank you Billy  - whenever someone comes to visit the males always make a B -Line for the coffee table. Reminiscing about a knife they or their dad or uncle had ... "Just Like That One There"

Now that is the way to represent them!!  Good work!

Derek Wells said:

Thanks Howard, Jan & John ....

"The stockman is one of those patterns where virtually everyone has one,

some are fortunate enough to have more than that !!"

Yes Jan some of us go a bit over the top ...  (I've had to shuffle them closer together since that pic was taken)

Thanks Jan : My daughter bought me the coffee table - telling me is was a shame all my knives were in draws and out of sight. 

The slim Clip Main Blade on this Western is a bit deceptive - making the knife look smaller than it is - this is one good "handful" of a Stockman.

Don't want to read all 60+ pages to see if Buck has been represented here, so if not here ya go! Farm fresh Bucks, #307 Wrangler, #301 Stockman, (4 1/4" & 3 7/8" closed respectively). Both true Stockmans, both built for Buck by Camillus, (#307 is '72-'74, #301 is late 1971). Vintage if not antique, and both fine examples of late twentieth century US-made industrial quality.

Both are being cleaned and restored, and both will be used. Just a couple of good old fashioned pocket knives.

Here's another Stockman, Buck #319 Rancher. 3 7/8" closed, identical to the Model #301 Stockman other than one blade has been replaced with an awl, (carbon, blades are SS). made by Camillus from 1976 to 1991, one of the few models retained by Camillus after 1986. I think this one is a '70's knife due to it having carbon springs, (SS was used for springs exclusively by 1980). They also made a version with a non-grooved awl, (on my want list). This one is well used, but it is still a nice EDC which I carry often, the awl is handy to have when you need to poke a hole in something.

Syd, nice older Bucks ... I have a couple of similar vintage Stockmans    ... But never seen that grooved awl Thanks for sharing 

Simmons Hardware Co Hornet

Beautiful Derek. How about photos of the other blades?

Derek Wells said:

Simmons Hardware Co Hornet

That's a really beauty you have there, Derek! I love the deep engraving of the word "Hornet"...

Here are a couple of pics of my little Hornet...

Hornet Physician's Knife

This one (below) definitely qualifies as being "outdoors," I believe...

Hornet On Cactus


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