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So, you got a Stockman, wanna show it off? Here is your chance. even though you probably have the picture in your albums, post it here! You can either add an image to your comment by clicking on the camera icon, or you can attach a file, either way we would like to see your stockman.

one rule though.... it has to be a stockman!!!

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Just curious, was that an advertising promotional knife for Consolidated Electric Distributors, or is that some other CED?

It is definitely Consolidated Electrical Distributors.  The CED with the emblem inside the C is their logo.  I don't know if Ideal had them made as some sort of presentation knife to CED or if they had them made for CED to sell.

Here is a pretty Stockman for you, a NIB 1988 Buck #301 Stockman in Yellow Sawcut Delrin.

Nice knife Syd.

Thanks Charles. This was a memorial purchase for me, not a "collectible" purchase. It was made in 1988 which was the birth year of my stepson who passed away last month. I'll hold this for his 18 month old son to have one day. Obviously this knife is more than a tool to me, honestly right now I even have a hard time looking at it, but I know that will pass and one day seeing it will fill me with fond memories.

Charles Sample said:

Nice knife Syd.

Great Stockman show guys!!

Here's a few I got recently..........All three from the Case Family Tree set.............

Walnut Bone

Tested Red

Classic Green

Can you tell what is wrong with this Case?

Marbles MR431 D2 Sowbelly. D2 blades, black canvas Micarta covers.


 "Large" (only 4.25 inch closed. Is that really "large"?) Rough Rider/Rough Ryder.

RR603 Synthetic Yellow (bomb shield); RR1057 "A Stroke Of Luck" (green bone); RR1740 "Classic Carbon" (diamond shield) 


I prefer the 4.65 inch Rough Rider 323.

Hate the red, so I dyed it brown.

Has some nice red/brown highlights.


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