So, you got a Stockman, wanna show it off? Here is your chance. even though you probably have the picture in your albums, post it here! You can either add an image to your comment by clicking on the camera icon, or you can attach a file, either way we would like to see your stockman.

one rule though.... it has to be a stockman!!!

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Super Stockman Craig....
Craig Henry said:

Just in.........

Thanks Ken! This is my first Gunboat, and it's a behemoth!

Wow that's what I'm talkin bout! Very sweet!

These have been some enjoyable pictures.  The range in age and brand and materials just cover the range.

Any of us would be lucky to own any of these. 

Lets keep up  the photos it sure makes it interesting reading.



Seki has a great reputation in knife making, and the blue bone on that knife is beautiful.

I beleive that they made a whole series in that bone.

Donald Lee Hargrove said:

Hey, Rome!  This is my 5-blade stockman.  It's a Coleman sowbelly with dark blue picked bone handles, a Coleman shield, & the number "0024" inscribed onto one of its bolsters.  It's the heaviest knife in my cattle/stock knife collection &, at 4 1/8", one of my longest.  The primary blade's front has a Coleman logo printed (?) on it & a Coleman lamp logo on the tang.  The blade's reverse side has "ONE OF 1000" printed on it &, on the tang, "AUS-6 / SEKI JAPAN".  I'm thinking that I might have bought it thru Amazon.  I thought it was going to be a junk-knife, but it turned out to be pretty neat.  Just goes to show ...

Thanks, I don't believe that Chicago Cutlery makes pocket knives anymore. I have this stockman and a lockback model.

They were sold here in town at a local garden store.

Donald Lee Hargrove said:

Rome, I just had to tell you -- That Chicago Cutlery Stock Knife of yours is outstanding!  I want one of those!  I hope they still make them.

Rome D. Rushing said:

Here is one you don't see everyday. Its a 4" stockman with walnut handles made by Chicago Cutlery.

Nice knife Craig.

Mr. 33, I barely recognize you anymore. Just when I'm getting used to you in a Canoe, you float by now in a Super Tanker.

Where do we go from here, Kemo Sabe?

That is a beauty of the knife, btw!

Thanks Max, Charles, and Ron! I'm getting a whole Navy!

This Case Abalone (at 3 3/8") from Shepherd Hills is, arguably, one of my smallest Cattle knives.  Based on Levine's descriptions, pgs 290 & 294 of his GUIDE, this could be considered as both a Cattle Knife & a Stock Knife.  It has the blades of a Stockman, but the equal-end shape of a Cattle knife. 

So, I'm wondering, are we considering Cattle knives as part of this group?  Logically, if we think a sowbelly is a kind of stockman, we think of stockman as a kind of cattle knife.  Besides the CK must go somewhere & it does contain my favorite form, the Rail-splitter.  (Definitely don't want to leave that beautiful creature out.  What say ye?

Donald Lee Hargrove said:

Note: It lacks a Case shield (too fragile?) but does have "CASE XX" engraved on the bolster.  I hate going w/o a shield.  I think that's an important part of a pocketknife's appeal.  Yet I just bought a Katz pocketknife & I discovered that it doesn't bear the Katz shield.  Katz is stamped on the primary blade's front tang & that's it.  I complained but it looks like they've discontinued their stockman line altogether.  See?  They might have sold more of them with shields, lol!


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