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CRKT is one of the most innovative knife companies out there! Let's brag about our CRKT collection!

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Look for the M1 to come out in an automatic form! Stay tuned for video coming soon!

Because you never know when your adventure might get crazy -
Being prepared is a lifestyle. It takes careful training of both mind and hands to make your environment work to your advantage. And that's where these paracord bracelet accessories, designed by Tom Stokes, help you mold your situation to give you every chance of survival.

The compass and LED accessory fits perfectly on the CRKT Para-Saw™ Bracelet. It's made from a durable injection molded, glass filled nylon that will stand up to rough weather and intense adventures. The LED light has an included LR41 battery that's ready for use and replaceable. The compass will help you get your bearings and make your way to safety.

To attach to a paracord bracelet, simply unscrew the disc-lock on the underside of the accessory, slide it over the bracelet, then reattach the disc-lock to keep the accessory from sliding. The accessory is designed to fit snugly on a "Solomon Bar" weave bracelet made from 550 paracord and may fit other similarly sized paracord survival bracelets as well. The opening of the accessory is .9 inches (22.86 mm) wide and .43 inches (11.43 mm) tall.

The Survival Bracelet Accessory helps you get home from your latest adventure so you're still around for your next adventure.

Also available: Compass and Fire Starter Version , Compass, LED and Fire Starter Version .

It is a sale going on RIGHT NOW!!!


J.J. is SOOO gonna love this one.I knew this would come back and bite me in the bum...

So, here are my CRKT knives and a Spork...because...spork! The Stealth First Strike (right side), the Pazoda/spork combo and...*sigh*...the CRKT Dragon. I...I...love the Dragon. Fits so well in the hand, nice lines, good fit and finish. And one thing that pulls it all together, the blade style. Enter J.J.! *comments are fictional*

"But Manx...isn't that a Wharncliffe style blade?"

Yes J.J.

"The same design you said was one of the ugliest things you have seen??"

Yes J.J.


Thank you J.J.

Sooo...I eat crow. But...I am growed up enough to admit when I oopsed. I hereby retract my previous blanket statement and officially admit...I love this Dragon. Molle hookups and screwplates for vests or packs or belts. Really nice to handle.

Move along...nothing more to see here. :-)

LOL Manx !!!  Not all wharncliff's are created equal?

I stand corrected. Lol


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gear2survive !


Boy's Knife is HERE


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