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Let's see what's on sale, for Black Friday, this year.

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This came in today.

Tractor supply will offer 20% off on knives and multitools.

Thank you for posting this, JJ!  I completely forgot about this tradition -- one of the best ones we have here at iKC!  

RIGHT NOW MidwayUSA is shipping free at $49, with some really low prices on some brands -- Cold Steel being the one I can say is the lowest I've found anywhere online.  That free shipping INCLUDES large items like axes, machetes, canes, etc.  And they're touting a Black Friday sale that's supposed to start at 12 a.m. tomorrow, but I don't know what they're planning above & beyond the shipping at $49...  


Also right now, REI is having a sale for members of 20% off one full priced item & 20% off one item at the REI outlet -- including knives, axes, machetes, & multitools. 


Eastern Mountain Sports is doing a similar 20% off one full price item & 20% off one clearance item (but no need to be a member), with code FRIDAY19 -- but also keep an eye on their flash sales ("12 hour power deals"), I picked up a 3-in-1 jacket last year at a really good price & that thing was a core essential for the rest of last year's long winter & into this one as well: 


According to an email I received earlier today from KnifeCenter.com, they're having a sale on a few brands specifically (beyond these, I don't really know what they're planning to do), & some but certainly not all knives from these brands:  Buck, Gerber, We & Civivi, Ruger, Spyderco, Cold Steel, Hogue & H&K & Sig, Kizer, & MKM


And though they don't sell knives, this company makes some great sling packs (& other backpacks too) -- Cannae Pro Gear has a small collection of packs & pouches & apparel, & seem to have been doing a lot of sales in recent months.  https://cannaeprogear.com/collections/gift-for-everyone I can endorse personally the Optio Sling Pack (I already have two & am considering picking up a third, these slings are just the right size for a typical urban outing for me), & they're only $48 on sale!  https://cannaeprogear.com/collections/gift-for-everyone/products/op...

And speaking of apparel (& bags, & boots, lights, & other gear), LA Police Gear has a number of these things on sale, & promise to have flash sales as well:  https://lapolicegear.com/black-friday-week-deals?trk_msg=00V9HQMNEE...

As well as LAPG's "Christmas in November" sale:  https://lapolicegear.com/christmas-in-november/

Looking forward to hearing about more!

Sponsors that have let me know what they are doing for Black Friday


Black Friday sale!  All orders over $100.00 placed between Friday November 29,2019 and Sunday December 1, 2019 will receive a voucher for $20.00 off their next purchase.  Additionally, all orders in December will come with 4 extra sheets of waxed paper. 


I will be marking down all items on the site and free shipping Thanksgiving day till Christmas day.


JSR has not notified me of what the sale will be only that he is indeed having a Black Friday sale and through the weekend.

Kabar is having a "sitewide" 50% off sale on Black Friday -- though "certain exclusions apply".  Don't know what they mean by that, but a couple years back I picked up a Becker Kukri at half off.  Oh, & a BK-5 a year or two before that, also on Black Friday, I believe.  Normal price being MSRP, of course, but half off of that still being the best deal on the internet, at least for some of these knives.  But I'm pretty sure it's for one or maybe two days only.

The website doesn't say anything about the sale yet, I received an email from Kabar directly, announcing the sale.  So check that one out...


Anyone have a heads up on Cyber Monday?

Kabar will be doing the 50% off sale again Monday...

Meanwhile, KnivesShipFree has some actual deals going on with their "Cyber Saturday" sale (which goes through Monday):   https://www.knivesshipfree.com/?utm_campaign=Newsletters&utm_so...

SMKW is doing free shipping on orders of $39 (also, some sales, including 20% off Buck knives):  https://www.smkw.com/

15% off through midnight tonight (Saturday) at Karambit.com:  https://www.karambit.com/?utm_campaign=WE%20-%20%20BFCM%203%20SAT%2...  

Knifecenter.com is offering free shipping all weekend (restrictions apply, -- no axes, swords, canes, machetes or other oversized items, & limited to in stock only -- make sure there are no shipping charges before you check out is all I'm saying)(use code FREESHIP):  https://www.knifecenter.com/listing/free-shipping-weekend

Miscellaneous deals at SwissKnifeShop:  https://www.swissknifeshop.com/collections/black-friday-specials?ut...

Midway is still doing free shipping on orders of $49:  https://www.midwayusa.com/

Looks like 384 items in the BladeHQ sale:  https://www.bladehq.com/cat--Holiday-Sale--90?utm_source=email-broa...

Leatherman is doing 50% off customized tools through Monday:  https://www.leatherman.com/customshop.html?utm_source=SFMC&utm_...

319 items on sale at Grindworx:  https://www.grindworx.com/cat--Holiday-Sale--352?utm_source=email-b...

I know that tractor supply has their sale going on until tomorrow.  Not much selection at my store, this year.  Stock seems to be at a store across town.

Did pick up a SOG with an extra "Survival" tool, for $15.00.

Cyber Monday extended to the 6th.

Harbor Freight has their Ammo Boxes on sale for $2.99, again.

(Extra storage for all new Christmas knives.)

BladeHQ is providing free shipping today & tomorrow (December 7 & 8)!

Smoky Mountain Knife Works also purports to offer free shipping for ANY order of at least $39, but from personal experience I can say BladeHQ's free shipping is much less restrictive than SMKW's (two fixed blade knives, both under 12 inches & under 12 ounces -- both qualified for free shipping at BladeHQ, & neither qualified for free shipping at SMKW).  SMKW makes no indication of exclusions by asterisk or disclaimer that there are restrictions to the "free shipping on ANY order of $39".  Needless to say, I didn't make a purchase at SMKW.  *Not happy with SMKW right now.*  Hopefully others here will have a better experience if purchasing from SMKW this season.

Good luck out there.

With covid still causing problems stores seem  to be starting their holiday sales early this year.

I've been eyeing a Gerber Fine, at Tractor Supply, since they got in their holiday assortment.  They have it for $19.99.  Not a great price, about normal for it, actually.

However, I went by Home Depot this morning and had to check out their holiday stuff.  Well, I found a Gerber Dime, for  $19.88.  Snapped one right up.   What made me jump on it today?

Certainly wasn't the 11 cents savings.

Home Depot has a special package that has the Dime Tool along with a Ripstop 2.

Yep.  Now I think that's a nice deal.


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