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I am looking for a knife that I can take on camping trips and do some bush crafting. I would like to get some input from all of you, on what you think would be the perfect knife. I have had a few suggestions already, but I am not set on a specific knife yet. So far some of the better choices I have heard are, Kabar - Becker - BK2, BK7 and BK9. I have also heard that some of the Esee knives would make a good choice. Another part of this discussion would be, how many of you would consider using a knife for batoning? Give the reasons you would recommend the knife that you suggest. Some of the tasks I would like the knife to do for me would be: trimming small branches, carving, striking a ferrocerium rod to start a fire, possibly batoning and whatever else I might need it for.

So, lets hear your ideas! 

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YES!  Chant it with me now...  BHK! BHK! BHK! BHK!

Blind Horse Knives made the original Pathfinder knife for Dave Canterbury, as you may recall.  I believe LT Wright split off & the two remaining partners have now morphed into Battle Horse Knives.

Below is my cherished little Battle Horse...  The handle is so incredibly comfortable!

That is a nice looking knife DLKG! I am really wanting to get one for myself. All of the wood projects I have been doing, are getting me closer to getting it. I am afraid that they will be like Lays potato chips. I can't have just one.


White River Knives

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