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Posted by Rick Hooper on June 17, 2013

I followed this super nice condition, TOM RAY CUTLERY CO. bone jack knife on ebay since it was started at 99 cents. It was listed as just "good" condition by the seller, who did themselves a big favor with the excellent photos. I don't collect jack knifes, but stockman and sunfish, but would have amended that practice, if it closing bids fell below $100 bucks. Man , it's a nice jack with unsharpened blades and a full blade etch. Well it ended up selling for nearly three times that amount, at over $280! A happy seller for sure! The knife has that "WESTERN STATES Cut. Co. appearance to me. Hope everyone is well. I am working long hours and haven't been active lately. Happy hunting, good luck bidding and buying. 

Reply by Rick Hooper on June 18, 2013

Yep, I gave my children a knife each on Father's day. You should have seen their faces. That's the hobby's future! 

Reply by Steve Hanner on June 18, 2013

Well Jim Sargent is one smart guy who knows his cutlery. Look more collectors getting involved, younger trying to learn and enjoy the same experience as thier older kin! It is an exciting time for cutlery with the new tactical knives, new production pieces and rekindled interest in Vintage knives... well...where it goes is anybody's guess!

Reply by Rick Hooper on June 18, 2013

Hi Steve, I agree with you on that!  The market for mint, etched antique American cutlery is as strong as ever! Jim Sargent told me 30 years ago at the Jackson knife Show. Stag and greenbone Case Tested and bottom XX's (1940-64), will outperform gold and the stock market. Because of their beauty, history, usefulness and the sentimental attachment, associated with them as family heirlooms. He has been right about this so far. And back to the point you made, buyers are looking for a bargain!

Reply by Steve Hanner on June 17, 2013

Wow that is an amazing knife! I bet that seller was happy too! If it was one of those "no reserve" auctions it could have gone for $.99! Its always interesting to follow knives on eBay. You tend to find 2 things:

  1. The knife good butis overpriced and people will not bid. the seller has not placed a correct value on the knife.
  2. The knife is a good knife, collectable and the price spirals up with multiple bids till it sells higher than it should

Its fun to watch no matter what!

Super nice jack, a lot to pricey for me.

Super Nice !  


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