By re-worksd knives, I mean modern knives that have had new handles made out of exotic woods, bone, Mammoth teeth, Mammoth ivory, and last, but not least, gem stones... like opal, or jade! There are some beautiful knives out there, and in my collection that are worth of attention.

And here's one made by Ed Olson in Texas. A dear friend and fellow Ford lover. One of his carvings was featured on the August page of the WR Case Catalog along with one of my Seahorses. This is... Cottonwood seed! You know those things that look like snow flying all over the place in the spring? That's it. Stabilized cotton wood seen. And my friend Bill Evans invented the "layered Blue Jeans" handles. It's beautiful, and works like any other acrylic. Shines like a diamond in a goat's behind!

And finally, Gavalia Seed pods from Australia with Kangaroo inlay bu Bob Picklesimer.

And here's a link to one from Michael Hoover on Fox Island up in Washington State. He is a master gem cutter and comes up with some beautiful stuff! Since there are some high powered Elephant Toe collectors on here, I thought you might be interested. Even though it's not an antique. It's still awfully beautiful!

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RE: Michael Hoover... The first picture, above, is Dinosaur Gem Bone. Very expensive if you can find it! The third picture down is pink coral. It is so unusual, and nothing makes more beautiful patterns than Momma Nature, so don't mess with her.

The second one down is Tiger Coral, made for me by Bob Picklesimer, who, by the way, is no longer working on knives due to back problems. A REAL craftsman! He'll be missed by the industry, but I get to talk to him about every other day.

So! What do you guys think of "Other Than Factory" handle material. How much of this stuff do you think collectors will find in a hundred years? And will it be worth anything to them?

LTA, Uncle J im
Beautiful stuff for sure but it's the Seahorse that does it for me. ;-)
David Baker did one in Petrified Wood that was great looking.
Did you go look at the Elephant Toenail of Michael Hoover's on eBay, JJ? It is REALLY gorgeous! Really unusual. I might get him to do me a Seahorsie in that. He bought a VERY large piece of Opal to do one for me. I have a Sambar Stag Damascus that I'm gonna' tear the stag off of and send him the knife to put the Opal handles on. I'm gonna have to come up with the bucks, first. This ain't gonna be cheap!
Wait a minute, there Uncle Jim. Don't go telling JJ to look at that toenail. It's mine :)

I guess that tells you what I think about custom "re-worked" knives, now doesn't it?
Smart boy... VERY smart in my opinion! Todays "Art Knives" will be tomorrow's collectables.
Whats old is new and knives can be art.
Hi all, Mike Hoover here.... If any of you are serious about any of my works I have HUGE photo's of them if you want to email me at redrummd@comcast.net

My website is: redrummdknives.blademakers.com

I am VERY critical of my works so I will tell you about every tiny imperfection if you ask. I do my work at 1.5 magnification so most of what I see isn't visible to others....

I was really irritated by that Deschutes Jasper having that tiny soft spot as it usually is porcelain hard through ahd through.... grrrr..... The good news is the display side Deschutes is about the best money can buy.
I have been buying Painted Pony and Yellowhorse knives for some time. I think they are beautiful works of art.
What treatment is used to make opal hard enough for knife handles. I would like to have one myself and would love to know the cost.
I have no problem with rehandled knives, in fact I have worked with a custom maker who has reworked some Schrade 50tg handles for me with Mammoth tooth, Mother of Pearl and Water Buffalo horn. I currently have one up on ebay for sale. You can see pics there if you like. My ebay id is 'quanahparker1'. I'm having a couple of others rehandled as well by the same guy.
So I have no problem with this and see this as an improvement if done correctly and professionally. It makes the knives more unique and more of an "art" knife in my opinion.
as mentioned above here is one of the Mammoth tooth 5otg's that I had rehandled. Pic may not be quite as good as some above but I'm just learning.
Just my humble opinion, but I think you did a fantastic job!!! It would certainly have a place in my collection!


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