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I have been making small bowls as well as other small wooden projects over the last year and a half. I thought I would share my method of making the bowls. Here is a step by step of just that.

Step 1. Choosing the wood. (Black Walnut, Ash and Osage Orange)Step 2. Cutting the wood down to a size to work with.Step 3. Laying the pieces out for gluing.Step 4. Gluing and clamping the pieces with the turning stem.Step 5. Mounting the glued pieces in the milling machine to draw the circle.Step 6. Cutting the wood into a round blank, on the band saw.Step 7. Mount the wood back in the milling machine to be turned.Step 8. Starting the turning with a high speed steel tool bit, clamped in a vise.Step 9. Turning into the desired shape.Step 10. Turning the inside with a larger high speed tool bit.Step 11. Sanding the outside and inside. Starting with 100 grit and finishing with 220 grit.

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The rest of the story.

Step 12. Getting ready to cut the bowl from the stem after sanding is complete. Step 13. Bowl cut from stem.Step 14. Rough sanding the stem on the bottom with a right angle die grinder.Step 15. Finish sanding the bottom.Step 16. Ready for finish for a few coats of finish.To be continued..........

Funny how much you can learn from the pics.  I didn't know that's how you get the multiple woods, nor did I realize that putting a stem on is a necessary step.  Jeremy, thanks for showing us how the objects of beauty you make are produced

And the finished bowl!

Nice bowl, Jeremy!

Howard P Reynolds said:

Nice bowl, Jeremy!

Thank you Howard. 

Dang that's pretty!

Thanks guys. I really enjoy making these. It is a stress reliever after a long day at work.


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