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Case Mid Folding Hunter Assisted Opening Pocket Knife

Case has taken a big step....a step outside of their comfort zone. They have been partnering with other knife makers such as Winkler Knives. Case and Daniel Winkler have produced two fixed blade knives of the likes Case has never produced. They are some of the best in the world.


Now comes Case's contribution. Case to my knowledge, correct me Jan if I am wrong, has never produced an assisted opening knife. I call them opening assist. They did produce some auto pocket knives…


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TOPS C.U.T. 4.0

The TOPS C.U.T. 4.0 is one of my favorite fixed blade knives. It is one of my favorite because of several reasons. The design of this knife allows the holder a very strong grip. While cleaning deer and the like, no matter how much blood you get on the handle it will not slip from your hand.

This knife comes razor sharp. It is light weight and easy to carry. The Kydex…


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Five Knives for Law Enforcement

In this issue of Knives Illustrated, May/June I wrote an article entitled Five Knives For Law Enforcement. I review five knives which are excellent for law enforcement duty carry. KA-BAR Doghead, Gerber Covert Auto (New Stronger Spring), Steel Will Censor 330, Case Mid-Folding Hunter (Tractical..my words) and CRKT Tighe Rade. If you don't have a copy hurry as they are going fast.…


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Zac Brown, Country Singer And His Knife "Grandaddy"!

Recently in the April issue of Knives Illustrated, an article was written about Zac Brown, a country singer and knife manufacturer.  My boss Bruce Voyles, wrote about Zac Brown and the “Grandaddy” Bowie he produces through his knife manufacturing company called Southern Grind.  Singer Brown is a big knife fan as well as a cook and guitar lover.  This article talks about this knife and Brown’s career.  Brown also has a love of children and is opening a camp for children with challenging…


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Case's New Tactical; TecX

Case has come out with their tactical folder which is made in China.  They have 28 models but when you discount serrated blades, black and silver blades and medium and small you have 9 basic folding knives.  To check out these knives go to www.tecx.com to look over all of the models.  They are priced from $15.99 to $59.99 USD.  Here are some pictures including the Case single bladed, liner lock, thumb stud trapper with a pocket clip.  This Case trapper…


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Unconventional Combat Knife.

I am researching my next knife article.  The article will be about unconventional combat knives.  I just finished and shipped out an article about Spyderco's Warrior which was designed by Guy Rafaeli who is an expert martial artist who lives in Israel.  Rafaeli teaches knife fighting to the SF of the Israel Defense Forces.  His rendition of the Warrior is made for only one thing….taking out bad guys nose to nose and toes to toes.  Check out the Warrior on Spyderco’s web site. …


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Were tactical tomahawks ever issued to the military as a weapon?

I just received my copy of the Nov. issue of Knives Illustrated which will be on the newstands the first of October. Check it out.


My article is "Tomahawks as Tactical Weapons".  I explored the Vietnam Tomahawk issue with a former LRRP Ranger who was there from 1968 to 1969.  I would like some feedback from this group about the subject of are tomahawks

For instance, I have a Navy Seal friend of 18 years service as a Seal and retired from the Navy with over 20 years…


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