The TOPS C.U.T. 4.0 is one of my favorite fixed blade knives. It is one of my favorite because of several reasons. The design of this knife allows the holder a very strong grip. While cleaning deer and the like, no matter how much blood you get on the handle it will not slip from your hand.

This knife comes razor sharp. It is light weight and easy to carry. The Kydex sheath is perfect to carry the C.U.T. 4.0 in the small of the back or on the battle rattle. In all this is my go to hunting/survival/combat knife. If I return across the "Big Pond" the C.U.T. will be at my side. For more info, check out this link.


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Comment by dead_left_knife_guy on November 3, 2017 at 20:01

That's a nice looking little knife.  A friend of mine was just telling me the other day that he appreciated how TOPS is making more knives with thinner stock, knives better for slicing than much of their early fare...  I have to agree -- which does not detract at all from my appreciation for their sharpened pry bars of olde. 

I'm not certain, but it seems that Steven Dick's designs, the Pasayten Lite Traveller & especially the Frog Market Special, made an impact on Mike Fuller & Leo Espinoza -- & definitely for the better.  No doubt there were some external influences as well, but I won't pretend to know what those could have been, other than an overall trend toward (back to) the principle that knives are, first & foremost, cutting tools.

The tactical knife industry, as utilitarian as it want to appear, is susceptible to trends, maybe especially so (more than, say, Case or Queen).  Even TOPS & their "hard to the core" (& frankly artistic) approach has become more influenced by trends.  Not that that's a bad thing -- if something works well, or is selling, it's hard not to want to incorporate it into your business model.  Especially when that trend was as utilitarian as placing a more acute edge on a knife with thinner stock in order to make the knife cut better.

Comment by Billy Oneale on October 29, 2017 at 14:37
Got to like the Tops designs.

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