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My knife just bit me!

It's true, my Buck 120 just bit me and I bled all over.  Of course, I was using it as a pry bar.  A few years ago a Kershaw Leek stabbed me in my left hand and I met a very nice hand surgeon.   I feel betrayed somehow when something I have an emotional bond with bites me.  Am I crazy or do you other knife people ever feel the same way?

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Buck 119 Brahma vs. Ka-Bar USMC vs Buck 119 Special

I was torn between just posting the picture or adding a description of what the picture was about, so I figured why miss an opportunity to wax poetic over pretty sharp things?

The new Buck 119 Brahma that was just announced at SHOT Show 2015 has been much anticipated among Buck fixed blade collectors and stacked leather blade aficionado’s.  Comparisons to the classic Ka-Bar USMC are inevitable.  This photo shows the Ka-Bar USMC on top, the Buck 119 Brahma in the middle, and a Buck 119…


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Maxpedition 3” x 5” notebook cover review

I admit I like Maxpedition gear, but sometimes I come across something that is worthy of sharing.  Such is the case with my new Maxpedition 3” x 5” notebook cover (SKU:3302, MSRP $15.99).  This is the perfect Maxpedition gear to carry a 3” x 5” notebook, or 3” x 5” recipe cards.  I am finding this is increasingly important for those of us who suffer from Can’t Remember Stuff (CRS).

You can find many reviews of these on YouTube, this is just an introduction and it shows you how I set…


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A review of my new Glock – Knife!

A review of my new Glock – Knife!

By Data - with special credit to All Outdoor and MaskirovkiNET

I was a little surprised when I casually asked in the chat room here if anyone had ever tried a Glock knife.  The general response was “Glock makes a knife?”  I have always known about the Glock knives but had never been curious enough to try…


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As I write this blog I am thinking about my brother and sister collectors on the iKnifeCollector forum as well as the passion of collecting in general.  These deep thoughts are prompted by roughly six to nine months of trying to find a really decent American made woodworker's vise that I could afford and realizing they are extremely difficult to find because there are people out there who have a garage or barn full of American made vise's that they do not use – they…


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The New Glock Model 42 - Shot Show 2014

I know that here on iKnifeCollector.com we are all expecting a plethora of new knife reviews from Shot Show 2014 but I have to admit that one of the announcements that piqued my interest was the announcement of the new Glock Model 42 in .380ACP.  In my humble opinion, Glock has spent too much time resting on its laurels and not competing in the fast growing semi-auto handgun market.  Consumers are still begging…


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